Friday, 18 January 2013

The Liebster Award!

How TRILLED am I? A hell of lot that how trilled I am (“,) Thanks to Emma from the fantastic blog Emziecole ( nominated me for the Liebster Award. I am loving everything about compiling and completing my blog and even knowing one person look at it is an amazing feeling. So thanks a million Emma!!
Ok so 11 facts about goes........
1.     I pick a star every night I am outside and think of it as my mother and say hello to her every night ( my mum is not longer with me)
2.    I love flowers as I see them as sign of life and they are pretty
3.    I have a cat named Biddy, she was rescued and is adorable as well as lazy and very spoilt.
4.    Mascara is my one must have beauty essential
5.    I have wanted to complete my own blog for years but have only got the courage to do it now.
6.    On a daily basis I am a teacher of maths, business and economics
7.    I love music! It has the ability to evoke every emotion known to man ( or lady in my case)
8.    I really want to visit New York. There is so much I want to see and do and experience.
9.    I am a very bad worrier even though I know worrying is a complete waste of time.
10. I trust too easy and hurt far too easy but like everything you learn with age!
11.  I know every single word of the film Grease and probably 75% of the words to the film Grease 2

There you have it, 11 facts about me. I do find it impressive you managed to read them all and I thank you for that. Now it is time for me to answer Emma’s questions
1.     What is the most interesting item of clothing you own?
I have a very beloved pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Classic black court with the very red sole. A fabulous gift from my boyfriend.
2.    Which piece of makeup have you bought and never used/wish you had never bought
Mascara all the way.
3.    What made you start blogging?
I love cosmetics, make up and lots more. Also have I have lots to say or should I say write about.
4.    Who is your favorite YouTuber?
I love Tanya Burr. I like her taste in makeup and she has a really natural manner. Very talented lady .
5.    Which makeup brand do you not recommend?
Bourjois – I really don’t like any product I have ever bought. The worst has to be the nail varnish. Just not a fan
6.    What is your favorite high street shop?
Awear – it is here in Ireland not sure if it is in the U.K but the online store is excellent.
7.    Who do you look up to for fashion and beauty advice?
Oh a difficult one. I pull from so many sources, magazines, my own taste and probably fashion shows
8.    Have you ever had a 'wardrobe malfunction'?
Oh far too worst is more of a hair malfunction. I went blonde for a day ........literally a day. I am brunette and I intend on staying that way after my experience!
9.    On average, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
30 Minutes on an average day. If a special day maybe more.
10. Are you an early riser or a late night person?

Early starter and always have been

11.  What is your most important piece of beauty advice?
Look after your skin as it is the most natural and important beauty feature you will ever have.

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Ok your turn!! My questions to you are as follows.,,,,

1.     Most important beauty product to you?
2.    Who is your fav designer?
3.    Describe in 5 words your perfect handbag.
4.    Wine or beer or spirt?
5.    Favourite thing to do on a winter evening?
6.    Why did you start your blog?
7.    Where would you most like to visit?
8.    Best and worst beauty buy?
9.    What advice would you give to a 15 year old you?
10. What is your hair brush diva moment song?
11.  Who do you think is the best dressed in the celebrity world?

I am really looking forward to seeing all your answers.
Have a fantastic week end.

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  1. Hey Judith! Love this and of course people read your blog! :D I am TOTALLY jealous of your Louboutins *cry cry cry* haha, I think I mentioned them in my blog post actually :') I also totally agree with your facts 8,9 and 10. New York is a place I desperately hope to visit and yep I hear you, I'm a mega worry butt myself and I definitely care about other people's feelings way too much sometimes. I wish I could be more selfish (rather odd thing to say I know). Great post! <3