Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Week in Tunes....

This is a tradition now for me share the music I have been listening to this week.

Instead of a variety of music belting in my ears I have been listening to one of my all time favourite C.D’s. I love this C.D so much that I genuinely know every single lyric on the album. The band is BellX1. An Irish band I cannot recommend highly enough. The Album is question is titled “Tour De Flock”.

It is always amazing to see this band live and this C.D is a live recording from a gig they played in the O2 arena (originally The Point) in Dublin, Ireland in 2006. This album consists of a set list drawn from a number of the band’s previous albums. It shows cases the some of the best songs delivered by the band.

 The lead singer, Paul Noonan, has a very distinctive voice which is backed up by a group of excellent musicians. The lyrics of the songs are really good, often comical and catchy ranging from lively and upbeat to mellow and deep.
The only way to describe Bellx1 is to listen to them for yourself so here are just a few of my favourite 

¬  Rocky Took A lover

¬  Eve Apple of my Eye

¬  Flame

¬  Bad Skin Day

¬  Tongue

Bellx1 – Probably my favourite band! I hope one or two people out there grow to like them too now (“,)
What have you been listening to this week? I love to hear your recommendations. Please leave a comment.

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