Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Polka Dot Nails 

I always have my nails done as I genuinely believe that manicured nails are such a polished and maintained look.
I absolutely love the whole nail art trend that is floating around at the minute. I do try and (try very hard I may add) to funk up my nails but unfortunately I have not been anointed with the artistic gene. This does not stop me though! So after many failed attempts at fancy and complicated nail art creations I have decided to start again and this time start small. So I have equipped myself with a few nail accessories and here I go.

This nail art design is so simple even I could it!! 

Step 1- prepare ur nails by removing any old polish, wash or exfoliate ur hands. I love Nails Inc exfoliator for dry skin. 

Step 2- paint 1 coat of base coat.

Step 3 - paint 2 thin coats of black polish. I like essence colour & go in. It has a nice flat brush for full coverage and it is inexpensive which is helpful as I seem to go through black nail polish too fast.

Step 4 - using a blotting tool with a medium top dip it in white polish. I like Models Own in Snow White. It has a nice consistency and you only need one application. Gently dot your nails. If the dots are too loaded with polish they take forever to dry and that is if they dry at all.

Step 5 - leave to dry. Really important step as if your polish does not dry properly it will smudge. 

Step 6 - apply a top coat and leave to dry. 

Now you have what I call mini mouse nails that will lift any dull day. 

So that is my first addition to the world of home done nail art. Next time I hope to be a little more exciting. Until then hope you have fun if you try.

Have you tried something different with your nails? I'd love to hear about it. Please leave a comment. I love to read them...


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