Thursday, 17 January 2013

My week in Tunes!

As I mentioned in my post last week one of my big passions is music. I just love it. It has the power to change my mood, evoke a memory and turn me into a hair brush swinging diva! So I am hoping to add one post a week telling you about the songs and music I have been listening to this week. You never know someone somewhere out there who happens to stumble on my blog might just find their new favourite tune <3
So this week has been an ITunes on shuffle type of week. Not really knowing what kind of mood I have been in (January – yawn already) I just let the shuffle bring me where it wanted to bring me. These are the first five songs at the moment on my shuffle function. As I also mentioned before be aware I have a very eclectic taste in music...................

¬  Rihanna ft Jay Z – Umbrella
Ok Ok ....I know people either love or hate this song. I happen to love it. As soon as I hear the first beat I am in full swing singing my little heart out.  I just like the music, the lyric and the beat. I also must add I absolutely loved Rihanna’s hair cut in this video and may have done a copy cat version on my own bonnet in a little longer version.  Ella...Ella...Ella, eh, eh eh (“,)

¬  Athlete – Wires
I had not heard this song for ages, maybe even a few years and I heard it lately just in a shop or radio or something, I had to find it in my ITunes library. It is just, what I would call, a well thought out song that is probably not played enough of. Not a massive Athlete fan but this song is good.

¬  Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights Bigger City
Oh how I love to drive to this song, don’t care if it is Monday morning on the way to work it just makes you feel cool ............ok maybe that is just me. My head automatically breaks into a nodding motion and I want sunglasses and big hair. 70’s funky vibe how are ya!!

¬  Villagers – Becoming a Jackal
I saw the villagers at Electric Picnic (Boutique Music Festival in Ireland) a few years ago and was lucky enough to hear this song played live. Fantastic! Although it is better experienced live it is feel good tune for me anytime as it brings me right back to that tent on a wet summer night.

¬  BonJovi – Never Say Goodbye.
Again a band many people either love or hate but having seen them live  in concert twice now I can confirm they are well and truly the superstars they are made out to be. This is one of their big belter songs that everyone knows the lyrics whether they would admit it or not. I love it. I sing it and I own it when I do sing it.

Hope you enjoyed. What song/tunes have you been listening to?? I would love to hear them please leave a comment

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