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January Likes and Dislikes

January Likes and Dislikes

As I have mentioned in a few posts January can be a bleak month for I have managed to compile a list of the products I have been enjoying using. Just to point out the products I have mentioned below are products I have used and formed my own opinion through use. I am always honest about my experience. I hope you find something you might like to try from my favourites. <3

¬  Vichy Normaderm Triple Action 3 in 1 Cleanser

I am loving this cleanser, so much so I have repurchased it. 
By 3 way cleanser it means:
¬  facial wash to cleanse skin
¬  facial scrub to clean pores
¬  mask to control shine
I like a wash cleanse and this is perfect. In the shower it is the perfect wash or scrub and a perfect face mask to give an extra special pore cleanse while in the bath. It does not dry your skin; leave it over sensitive or with too much shine.
Since using it my skin has defiantly improved I have fewer breakouts. I will continue to use this cleanser.
Cost = €14.00 or £11.00 for 4.2 FL OZ 125 mL

¬  MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner with SPF 15

I was gifted this from my sister and oh how well does she know me. I am a self confessed MAC addict and a self confessed lip balm addict and this product fulfils both of my addictions. This lip conditioner has a lovely consistency and is not sticky at all. It stays on your lips and genuinely conditions the lips. The rose tint is delicate and subtle yet gives a lovely glow. The added bonus is the SPF which is need in all weather. I have worn this lip conditioner every day and it has pride of place in my purse. Highly recommend this product.
Cost = €8.70 or £7.33 for 15ml 0.5 FL OZ

¬  Soap and Glory  
Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath - €6.50 or £5.50
Clean On Me Creamy Shower Gel - €6.50 or £5.50

Well clearly I am only one of many girls who love these products. They smell fabulous, they are so creamy and they leave your skin feeling so soft. They are a really nice alternative to many high end brands and personally for me they are better. Once again I intend to repurchase these products.

¬  Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne

Once again I was gifted this by my perfume addict of a sister. I am currently on my third bottle. Jo Malone is very well known for many fabulous colognes and perfumes. This is by far my favourite. It is strong but it is not over powering. It has a flower undertone but also a fiery hue to it. Honestly it is a difficult scent to describe so I highly recommend you go treat yourself to a sample. I like the small bottle as I carry it in by bag everywhere.
Cost - €45.00 or £38 30 ml 1 fl oz

¬  Mac BB Cream in Light

This product comes in the Prep and Prime range. Traditionally I have not been a great fan of BB Creams. Having tried a few of them I was not overly impresses. I am glad to find the opposite this product. It is light and creamy and does give nice coverage. It is lightly tinted with sheer beige so it gave me a really nice glow that looks extremely natural. On days I wanted a little darker or fuller coverage I simply blended My BB cream with another MAC favourite of mine face and body foundation. A little bronzer or highlighter and its fabulous. I will continue to use this product and I am actually hoping to purchase a darker shade for the spring or for days I have tan on.
€22 or £18.50 for 40 ml 1.3 fl oz

January Dislikes!

¯       Ayuuri | Purifying Neem Face Wash

I received this product as part of the December 2012 Glossy Box. I had high hopes for this face wash as I am always on the lookout for a good cleanser and tea tree screams clean. Well how wrong was I! The first time I used this product my face went red. I don’t mean a flushed blush look I mean a roaring fire red.  I put this down to maybe hormones or the fact that I had been out doors lots etc. So the next night I washed my face the red got worse and it was accompanied with heat. Once my face calmed down the dryness hit in. Anyway as you can imagine this face wash did not suit me and is topped using it. I gave it to my boyfriend and he now using it as a hand wash so suppose waste not want not! My skin is classified as normal to combination and very rarely has a reaction to anything. This face wash brought out a reaction. Definitely will be running a mile if I see this wash again.

Non Cosmetic Favourite

This month I bought this jumper in Penny’s/Primark and I love it. Priced at €14 it was a real bargain. Grey sliver lose knit jumper is very versatile, comfortable and cosy and very on trend. It is styled to be a worn a little over sized which makes it a perfect worn over a vest and a perfect partner for skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings and boots. I have teamed this jumper with the scarf below (a black and grey design scarf priced at €6 Penny’s/Primark) or the chunky silver jewellery which added a little element of glamour to the look €5 Penny’s/Primark. I love this jumper so much I went and bought the same jumper today in the black version and plan to team it with gold or deep pink! Definitely a great little find.

So there you have it my favourites for January. This January has been a month for great little finds.
Have you had a favourite anything this month? I would love to hear so please leave a comment below I love to hear them.


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