Saturday, 26 January 2013

¬  No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush 

What a little find! 

In my pursuit of deeply cleansed skin I literally found this cleansing brush my mistake. I was just wondering through Boots facial cleansers and the likes when a really helpful member of staff asked did I see the offer of the day. The offer was in fact this little brush. Reduced from €39.99 to €20 I simply had to treat myself. There have been so many mixed opinions on many cleansing brushes so this to me was a relatively inexpensive way of trying it out. 

This brush comes with a detachable rotating brush head which can be replaced and 2 batteries for operation. Extremely simple to use with one button function and 2 speeds. Press once for gentle rotation and press twice for a stronger rotation. I found the gentler option just right for my skin.

I did treat myself to No 7 Radiance Melting Cleanser but I have not used it as yet. I am really liking Vichy 3 in 1 Cleanser at the moment. I applied my cleanser lightly over my face and let the brush take over and do some work! Work it did. The rotating motion is a really pleasant sensation and my skin actually felt like it was getting cleaner as the brush did its magic. Playing special attention to my problem areas that are prone to breakouts I used the brush for maybe 5 mins. Using a washcloth I wiped my face clean and left to day. 

I have to say my skin already looked gleaming and defiantly clean. I like the deep cleaning and the results so far on my skin. The brush is not harsh at all. It does polish the skin and leaves it well exfoliated. I definitely intend to continue using this product every second night and hope the good results continue. 

At this price it is a find I would highly recommend! 
Do u use a cleansing brush? What has been your experience I would love to hear please leave a comment? 

Have a lovely weekend 


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