Saturday, 12 January 2013

Storage, Glorious Storage!!

One of the biggest problems facing cosmetic and make up lover is storage. It is always difficult to find good storage that is attractive, compact and holds lots. I have been on the lookout for this for what seems like and age.

Finally I think I may have found a solution in the form of this Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organiser by Lori Greiner.

This organiser fulfils all my above mentioned criteria. It is spinning which means it is really easy to access all the sections. This useful device holds over 100 pieces of your everyday beauty essentials, arranging them in specially designed compartments, so you'll know exactly where everything is

I genuinely love this organiser. I could not believe how much it held and how little space it takes up. I am finding myself using some items of makeup I have not used in ages. The size of the compartments are also really good as certain items of makeup fit perfectly and do not fall out for example lipsticks, or round compacts.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a storage solution.

I found this organiser on and it cost €25.00 excluding postage.

¬  What do you use for storing your makeup and cosmetics? I would really love to know. Please leave me a comment below.


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