Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Wish Lists!!

 A wish list can be defined as “a list of desired but often realistically unobtainable items”. How true is the whole unobtainable element of this definition for me at the moment! Pay day is a little while away, however the results of my recent splurges is not far enough away. I did treat myself to more than a few little treats in the last while, even yesterday I simply could not accompany my sister in to a certain shop, carry her bags and chat as we left wallet unopened. Nope! Not this lady, I just could not pass one of my great little finds...I am being aloof about my purchases identity for a out for my next post (smiles). Anyway now that I am attempting to superglue my wallet – it will not be hard it is pretty empty – I have put together a wish list of a few products I would love to have........................

1. Carly Black Ostrich Bag by Marc B  cost = €58.71

Such a fabulous bag! It is big enough for all the essentials and lots more I insist on carrying around with me, I love the detail and cut of this bag and gold hardware. I love a black bag at any time of the year as I find it an essential element of my wardrobe. I am liking the whole collection by Marc B this happens to be my fav. 

2.Real Techniques Brush – the core collection 

Have been looking endlessly for a new foundation brush and during all my searches this brand seem to pop up. I don’t like a flat foundation brush so I am thinking in addition to the core collection I would love to try the expert face brush. 

3. Nail Polishes from ESSIE,  in particular The Yogaga Collection

Love these pastel shades.  Have had my nails dark colours for months now so the thoughts of spring and all things lively and light is so appealing. Colours range from taupe to pink to light purple to blues.

4. Green Angel Seaweed Shampoo with Lavender and Neroli
This shampoo is just fabulous. It leaves your hair so clean and smells so good. I am a massive fan of all things lavender so this was such a treat when I got to try. I just need more now. I am using a face oil with neroli at the moment and my skin is very healthy and in good condition (it needed an overhaul!!) so am guessing with prolonged use this shampoo with neroli would leave your hair just glowing.

5, Clarsonic cleansing system 
This cleansing system is supposed to remove six times more dirt and make up than regular cleansing. It is supposed to be the ultimate cleansing tool. It is Waterproof, comes in so many colours and is supposed to be simply a must have if you want cleansed perfect skin. Well for €150 approximately it would want to fulfill all of the above. I have read many mixed reviews about this product but I have to say I would love to try it out for a few weeks to see if it does live up, or down, to all the reviews. At €150 it will firmly remain on my wish list for now.

So there it is my wish list at the moment. I will no doubly change and expand over the coming weeks. However if there is a cosmetic Fairy God Mother out there reading this I would be ever go grateful for a sprinkle of your magic dust and the rattle of a  bag.


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