Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clinique Anti Blemish Control

Clinique Anti Blemish Control Concealer 

In a recent post I mentioned I was disappointed with an anti blemish product by Vichy. 
My skin, thankfully, does not present with a lot of problems but I do tend to have to deal with a few blemished (often of the angry variety) at least once a  month - thank you hormones!!
In my combat to halt these little monsters in their tracks my trusty sister offered me this product by Clinique. 

I am really happy with the results of this product and finally feel I have found a product that hides my blemishes while actively working to get rid of them too! 
The consistency of this product is rather thick which means it is a little difficult to apply but despite this it really does offer excellent coverage. 

The shade I use is light and it is perfect for my skin tone. the shade blends really well with my regular foundation and it is difficult to notice I am wearing a separate product on my skin. 

A great advantage of this product also is the fact that the formula  in the product is actively working to control and correct the blemish. For me it seems to "dry out" the blemish. What ever the science bit I am just so happy it works so well. Another advantage is the fact that the product has no smell what so ever. 

I do recommend this product for any one experiencing similar problems and has normal to combination skin. However if you have dry skin maybe this product is not for you if you intend to use it to cover larger area's. 

Overall, I am thankful to have found it !! 

Wanna grab a little more info then have a lookies HERE

Have you any solutions to the problems of the horrid blemish? Please share your thoughts and finds by leaving a comment below. I love to hear from my one or two readers (",) 


Monday, 20 May 2013

Elemis 7 Piece Luxury Radiance Collection

Elemis 7 Piece Luxury Radiance Collection 

I was super excited to read about the launch of the new product by Elemis "Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm". I have always been a fan of Elemis and all the lovely treats they offer. It was not a hard decision to make to purchase the Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. 

I love radiant looking skin , in fairness who does not so I was excited to read about this product. It claims to smooth and hydrate the skin while leaving it radiant and illuminated. 

On researching where to purchase my skins new best friend I found an unbelievable offer on QVC - the friendly shopping channel. As a "Today's Special Value" item was the Elemis 7 Piece Luxury Radiance Collection. Not only did I receive my intended purchase but also 6 additional products from the Spa Radiance Collection. I have all these products before so once again it was no question of 

1. Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm 

I love this product! I have been using this product for a while now. In addition to being an excellent cleanser it multiple uses such as a mask or treatment. Click Here to have a look at a previous post on this great product. 

2. Pro Collagen Marine Cream 

An anti ageing day cream. It is rich, really hydrating and gentle yet effective on the skin. Have also used this product before and I liked it a lot . 

3. Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules 

Once again I used these little pink and green capsules before and found them excellent. They work to renew the skin through an active ingredient of morringa oil. They have anti ageing properties and anti oxidant qualities. You use the pink capsule in the morning to boost the skin and do all of the above and at night you use the green capsule at night which contains lavender oil in addition to the above mentioned ingredients. In this set we receive a seven day supply of this product and this is enough give the skin a great boost. Radiance is achieved! 

4. Skin Nourishing Shower Cream 

Luxury for the shower, this shower product is rich and creamy and leaves the skin super soft, smelling fabulous and nourished. 

5. Frangipani Monoi Body Oil

This body oil at its best! It comes in a glass bottle with solid oil inside. Before use I place the bottle in a mug of hot water to melt the contents. the oil can either be added to a hot bath or applied to skin. The result is fabulous soft skin, amazing aroma and moisturized skin. Once again luxury at its best. 

6. Pro Radiance Hand and Nail Cream 

The only product in this set that I had no experience. So far my experience is good. the cream is rich and does not have a strong smell. It has left my hands soft and skin in good condition. I have used it was a rich foot cream also. Apologies I do not have a photo of this as at the time of writing up this blog post I had lent the cream to my sister to try (",)

7. Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

As this is a new product I have only been using it for a short time. So far I am enjoying using it. Elemis describe it as being a primer of sorts and suggest applying it in addition to a day cream. So far I am finding that I apply it as a facial moisturizer in the mornings and it is rich enough. the consistency is very rich and creamy. It has little or no smell which is always welcome. It leaves my skin naturally radiant looking with a glow or dewy look. It is gentle and so far I have had no reaction to the product only good nice skin. My sister tried it and also had good things to say but pointed out that it did not cover up pores so maybe that is something to consider

. Over all I am enjoying using the product and will  continue to use it. 

In addition to the above mentioned products you also receive a really good sized navy make up bag with front pocket detail and white trim. Also the famous Elemis facial flannel cloth. 

Over all I genuinely thing that this Offer from QVC was a great bargain and contain some truly fabulous products. Click Here to have a look at the QVC offer (although it may not be available right now but will be back !!) I think these offers are great not only for value for money reasons but also you get a great range of full size products to try. 

Elemis is a brand that offers great luxury and every gal loves a little luxury!! 


Sunday, 12 May 2013

La Roche-Posay  - My Experience 

 La Roche-Posay – Products I Have Tried

Always a fan of good skin care and always on the lookout for a good skin care product I was eager to try La Roche-Posay. I have read and heard so many good reviews of this range but I really believe in trying products myself before passing judgement. So here you have it, my take on a few products from La Roche-Posay
Hydraphrase Intense Legere Moisturiser

Intensive Rehydrating Care

An amazing light but seriously hydrating moisturiser which is perfect for sensitive dehydrated skin. It softens, smoothes and hydrates but leaves no greasy residue on the skin. It is so suitable for people who get clogged pores and suffer from congested skin. A light texture which is absorbed easily. The only problem I have is that it is a pump dispenser and I predict having to cut the tube in half to get at least a quarter which will be trapped!

La Roche Posay Hydraphrase Intense Serum

Concentrated Rehydrating Gel

Beautifully effective serum for dry skin. A lot of similar serums sit on the skin and leave a greasy residue as opposed to being easily absorbed. This absorbs very quickly, is light & very effective for dry dehydrated skin. I found it worked really well when used with La Roche Posay Hydraphrase Intense Legere moisturiser. 3 or 4 pumps are more than enough for the face and neck before moisturiser. I have found that some similar products ‘over load’ the skin, clog pores and leave the skin too greasy for applying foundation. This is not a problem here: apply with finger tips, allow to absorb for 10 minutes and follow with moisturiser: foundation goes on with ease and stays put! A lovely, effective serum which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

La Roche Posay Eau

Thermal Spring Water

I thought thermal waters and sprays were another gimmicky add-on for my skin care routine until I used this: who would pay for a water spray and what could it do??? It is perfect for dry, sensitive skin which is prone to break-outs. I use it all the time but especially before cleansing, before moisturising in the morning and last thing at night before my night treatment. It feels lovely on the skin, has a cooling effect and seems to prevent break outs which I think can be attributed to the presence of selenium. I’ll be using this again with my Hydraphrase Intense Legere Moisturiser and La Roche Posay Hydraphrase Intense Serum

Over all my experience of these products a have been good. This is a gentle bt effective skin care range. I fully intend on trying more products from the range.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Today's Favourite Lip Gloss

Today's Favourite Lipgloss

NYX Mega shine lip Gloss In shade Natural LG 122
This lipgloss gives the lips a really good shine. It is not sticky and it tastes really nice Almost with a hint of vanilla. This shade is perfect for day wear and is long-lasting.  A definite for the handbag !! 

NYX offers a great range of lipgloss's Definitely what they look on their website. 


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Perfect Blur by Garnier

Perfect Blur by Garnier

I found this product by chance while picking up a few bits and pieces from my local Boots store (drug store).The packaging is very eye catching and if I am being honest it was the pink shiny box that grabbed my attention. I have never been a “primer” user in the past so I was excited to see if this product really did add a new dimension to my make up look.
This product claims to “smoothing perfecting primer” and have an optical effect. In 5 seconds the little potion claims to visibly blur

  • ·         Wrinkles
  • ·         Imperfections
  • ·         Open Pores
  • ·         Shine

In addition to all of this it contains light reflectors to make sure natural light hits your face at the very best possible angle.
I have been using this product for over two weeks now and I have to say I like it!
On first use I noticed the tube was really easy to use! The applicator is really thin which means that only a small amount comes out – believe it or not this is an advantage as there is little or no wastage. The consistency of the primer is really light, almost as if it contains air or is a mouse like consistency.

 It is amazingly light on the skin and just glides over the skin. I it does not feel wet or messy which means once it is applied to the skin it is absorbed straight away. It is advised to apply after your day cream which I did.
Once applied I have to admit that my skin felt smoother and I did notice a blurring effect on my skin. Little areas of redness or pigmented skin were dulled down a little. I am not sure about the area of wrinkles or open pores as they are not a major issue for me at the moment (thank god!). I also noticed that shine was reduced and this continued throughout the day. I found this product also worked really well as a base for my makeup. My foundation did look a little better and I found it last looking well all day.

My first impressions of this product are good. I have used it and will continue to use as it has found a home in my makeup bag beside my foundation for now.


Monday, 6 May 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Collection 2013

O.K by now it is really clear that I am a massive fan of all things MAC. I am also a great fan of the bronzers and highlighters so you can imagine my excitement when I heard of the summer 2013 MAC Collection Temperature Rising. The theme of this collection is heat, summer, and bronzed skin; pink both light and dark, beige and a little sparkle. The complete range offers:

·         Lipsticks
·         Lipglass
·         PowerChrome Eye Pencil
·         Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad
·         Temperature Rising Eyeshadow Quad
·         Powder Blush
·         Pro Longware Bronzer
·         Strobe Liquid
·         Bronzing Oil
·         Brush - 167SE Face Blender
·         Nail Lacquer

All products come in limited edition packaging -a coffee / chocolate brown colour with Matt to velvety finish.
All of the products in this range really fulfil so many of my favourite makeup looks it was genuinely difficult to decide what to purchase. Difficult or not I managed to decide on a few items!
Strobe Liquid Lotion

As I mentioned a few times I love a good highlighter and this is a new type of highlighter for me. This liquid acts as a fabulous illuminator on the skin; it defuses the light and add’s shimmer to the skin while removing any signs of imperfections or uneven skin texture. It goes on to the skin really smoothly and spreads very evenly. It I have only used it twice since purchase and I LIKE IT! I used it on my cheek bones and dotted a little along my collar bone and top of my cleavage – it gave a lovely shimmer. Like a lot of MAC products a little goes a long way. I am genuinely looking forward to using this product over the summer.

Bronzing Powder

Each year I purchase a MAC Bronzer and use every last bit of it. I usually purchase the matt non shimmer bronzer (usually called nude on board) but this year I purchased the bronzer with a touch of glitter/shimmer titled “Refined Golden”. This bronzer is lightly frosted with gives a golden delicate finish. It has a natural finish that is not too sharp, can be built upon for a stronger look. I have used it to lift my make up look by adding a little colour or to intensive my tan (when I have faked it up!). In my opinion a MAC bronzer is tough to beat!
Powder Blush

This collection  offers 2 warm shades which again I found hard to choose between. I settled on “hot nights”. This shade is a mid-term berry pink that is so rich and warm. It appears a little dark in the packaging but once applied it is so nice and not at all harsh. Like all MAC blush it is long wearing, can be built up for richer tones and highly pigmented. I love this shade matched to the lipstick choice below.


(Feel My Pulse)

As a nice companion to the blush above I chose the Crème sheen Lipstick in Feel My Pulse. This shade of lippy is so difficult to describe, seeing it on is really required. Officially it is described as a vivid magenta violet. To me it is like a dark rich berry shade with dark pink undertones. The crème sheen texture leaves the lips soft and I find it really moisturising on the lips. The colour is long lasting and has softness to it rather than a shimmer. This is my favourite lippy at the moment.
(Altered Beige)

This lipstick is of the Lustre variety meaning that is gives a fabulous sheen to the lips. The shade is very delicate and light. It is creamy yellow beige that, in my opinion, would suit almost all skin tones. I intend to wear this lipstick as day wear primarily but also as night wear for a makeup look that focuses on eyes and lashes.  This is the perfect lipstick to have as staple in your handbag.
 I honestly could have bought and used all the products in this range as I simply loved them all. Unfortunately the purse strings so not allow for such treats but I am delighted with my choices. May the sun begin to shine and the summer days roll on but I have to admit even if it rains I will be sun kissed and bronzed thanks my faithful friend that is MAC.        



Sunday, 5 May 2013


I am a self confessed beauty product and cosmetics junkie. I also love to find a bargain. I also love to do a little internet shopping especially when it is difficult to find certain products. For this reason I have become very familiar with lots of shopping websites. Today's post I want to share my top 3 shopping sites.
I have purchased from these 3 website and I have to say with all 3 have had a really good experiences.  


Click Here

Love this website! It offers a very extensive and wide range of brands and products, has really good offers, fast delivery and excellent customer service! One little tip - delivery is from Jersey of  the coast of UK which is not part of the EU so you may have to pay Irish Customs charges. HOWEVER you will receive a full refund one you contact customer service. Great service!! 

2. CultBeauty.Co.UK 

Click Here

If you are looking for some thing a little different, cult much sought after products then this is your site to shop. Defo worth a visit 

3. BeautyFeatures.Com 

Click Here

Irish based beauty shopping website. great range of products and brands in particular hair care. 

Enjoy <3  - I hope you find a few little treats for yourself! 


Saturday, 4 May 2013

April Favourites

April Favourite Time 

This month has been filled with the hope a seasons changing, a day or two of sun and a lot of pampering sessions. For this reason my favourites are a mixture of body care products, skin care and beauty. The months always fly by so fast but each month I like to try at least one new product so that is always fun! Without further ado I will proceed with the products I have been really enjoying using this month. I hope you enjoy this post and find one or two products you would like to try yourself!!

1.  Rituals Body Cream – Magic Touch Organic Cherry and Rice Milk.

I first received a sample of this body cream in a recent Glossy Box. I loved it so much I spent a long time looking for a full size. It is a body cream unlike most I have tried. It is super rich, whipped and velvety and really creamy. This product is so easy to apply; even though it is super rich it glides over the skin. It has such a luxurious feel even to touch and leaves the skin feeling extremely soft. The skin seems to drink this body cream in meaning that it has excellent moistening qualities also. It contains anti oxidants, vitamin E and other ingredients that work to strengthen your skin. Another important fact is that it smells absolutely amazing. I am so glad I spent so long looking for this a full size of this product as it is my favourite body lotion/cream – the best I have used! Defiantly recommend any one who enjoys body products to try these products.  

2.  Michael Todd Toner – Blue Green Algae Toner.

I had been experiencing an increasing number of break-outs; I had tried and tested quite a few different skin care products in an attempt to combat this problem. In my pursuit of a solution I watched and read a few reviews of this product and simply had to try it myself and I am so glad I did! This toner is excellent. This toner is anti-bacterial which first off can’t but help to clear up problem skin, oily patches and similar skin problems. It even smells so cleansing with hints of lavender and Birchwood. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids and has aloe Vera to sooth the skin and leaves it refreshed. Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this toner; my skin has cleared up completely since I started using it. I have repurchases it twice and I will continue to use it. I have recently ordered a few more items from the Michael Todd range and I look forward to their arrival as I hope they will be as good as this toner.

3.  Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Treatment.

I have been using this product for well over two years now and I find it amazing. I use it for a few purposes. First off I use it to keep my nails strengthened, to help them grow strong and keep them in good condition. I also use this product as a top coat and it is excellent. So I apply this product as a base coat for the strengthening purposes, then apply my colour and to finish it off I apply it as a top coat. My nails do not chip, they last for 4 to 5 days (if I don’t get tired of the colour and want a new polish). It is rich in formula so you only need one thin coat meaning the product really lasts. It also gives the nail a really shinny finish. This product is a great investment for any gal who loves nail care.
4.  Kerastase - Elixir Ultime for Colour Treated Hair

This is another product I have been using for months - since Christmas to be exact! Every time I use this product (which is every time I was my hair) I am reminded why I love it so much. It smells amazing; it leaves your hair so super soft and packs your hair with lots of vitamins and active ingredients that protects colour in colour treated hair. It adds shine and radiance. It has so many uses. It can be used as a pre cleanse before washing, it can be applied to shampooed hair to add shine and fabulous fragrance and after shampooing and blow drying to smooth and give extra shine. It adds a little nourishment to your hair every time you use it.  I only use one or two pumps so a little goes a long way with this product. It is a great hair product that I will again continue to use.
5.    Mac Eyeshadow in Sketch and Mac Pigment in Rose
INFO (rose pigment)

Traditionally I have always been swayed towards a brown eye shadow look or a smoky look. Seeing as the season is changing I wanted to change up my look a little so with this in mind I went on the hunt for a new shade. The result is sketch!  It belongs to the velvet collection and it is a burgundy with a delicate red shimmer. I wanted a lighter shade to blend for a day to night wear. It is fabulous! I love to add a touch of the rose pigment, blend and instantly the result is a pink/burgundy smoky eye for night ware and the rose pigment is fabulous for day wear especially if blended with a light pale pink. The rose pigment has a delicate shimmer. I am really enjoying experimenting with this these shadows.


¬  Normaderm Active Concentrate

This product is used as a spot treatment. It is said to reduce sudden local breakouts and soothe discomforts. Of all the products I purchased this is my least favourite and if I am being really honest I do not find it very effective. You apply a small amount on to the affected area. I found the consistency of the product made it hard to use. It sits on the skin and does not seem to melt or soak in at all. It is also blue in colour so as you can imagine its messy when it falls off your face and onto your clothes! So not one for me!

Hope you found one or two products you would like to try and if you have any fav's you would like to share just leave a comment below. Thanks for reading my post. 

Have a lovely weekend.