Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sing Baby Sing
In addition to my clear passion for all things cosmetic and beauty I also have a very active passion for music. I am the person who simply cannot walk into a room without turning on the radio, hop in the car without a favourite C.D or go for walk without my trusty IPOD. So bearing this in mind I have decided to share the top five tunes I am singing, humming and doing my best hair –brush karaoke. I must admit that my taste in music is very eclectic in nature so you could hear me sing along to everything and anything and this week is definitely no different.
My top tunes of the week

¬  Rock and Roll  Love Affair by Prince

I just love this song. First time I heard it I was driving and actually pulled in to a car park to Shazam it to find out what it was!! Generally am not a big Prince fan but this is just so funky. Has a great vibe that leaves me smiling and singing along (does not matter that I am not lyric fluent). Love it!! Will be on my driving mix CD for sure.

¬  Don’t Stop The Party by Pitbull

Ok Christmas is over; New Year celebrations are well and truly over. Bleak times ahead...................I think not!! Well not when you are listening to this tune. It just screams summer 2013 is well on its way (being overly optimistic never hurt anyone) I just think this song is fun and easy and screams good times.

¬  Stay by Rihanna

I heard this song on the XFACTOR UK Live Final. I can take or leave Rihanna in general but something about this song I just love at the moment. I think it is gentle yet has presence at the same time if that makes any sense. Her voice is clear and sharp and the lyrics are excellent. Volume adds to the listening experience.

¬  The Way by Matchbox Twenty

One of my very favourite bands I love Matchbox Twenty. Sung by Kyle Cook on the album North this is one of my favorite songs from the album. As I listen to it I am so excited about finally getting to see them in concert later in the year. Great band, which seem to be getting better.


¬  Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrint ft Emeli Sande

 Just a beautiful song. I think this is a song any girl would love to have sung to them. This Labrint boy is a little cute too (“,)


Well those are my lip curling tunes for this week. What tunes are you listening to or would recommend ??? I would love to hear so please leave a comment below.


Happy Singing





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