Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bright Beginnings – hello new foundation

Bright Beginnings – hello new foundation

Getting the right foundation is a tricky task. At the moment I like a foundation that is natural looking, light wear, and is long wearing. I have tried and tested so many and have disliked so many that I was genuinely not hoping for much when I say this new foundation offering from Benefit Cosmetics.
Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation seems to have it all. According to Benefit Cosmetics this foundation ticks a lot of boxes such as: 
  • ·         Oil Free
  • ·         Skin Brightening and Luminous
  • ·         Natural Complexion
  • ·         Light Weight
  • ·         Buildable Coverage
  • ·         Hydrating Benefits
  • ·         Light Defusing
  • ·         SPF
  • ·         Available in 9 shades.

This is some comprehensive list of characteristics for any foundation to live up to. Seeing as there is 9 different shades it is easier to choose the correct shade for your skin. I settled on the shade honey (I’m so money honey). It is a very natural shade that as it turns out suits my skin really well.
My first impression of the foundation on pumping a small amount out onto my hand was that shade is so natural. It looks and feels smooth and this only became more apparent when applied to the face. It is not streaky, it is not cakey and it is not heavy in any way. In fact it is extremely velvety on the skin. I needed only a small amount of the foundation and achieved really good coverage while blending really easily also. I felt as if this skin was actually gentle on my skin. It lasted all day and gave me a really nice glow. I love my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation but at the moment this offering from Benefit Cosmetics is a close second. Definitely worth a try if you are on the lookout for a new summer foundation.

If you try it do let me know how you find it by leaving a comment below. 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New Mascara's and Me

New Mascara's and Me 
The mega plush volume express Mascara by Maybelline
I have long been a fan of the Falsies Mascara by Maybelline New York. So I was super excited to try this Newbie .  The packaging is quite similar to other mascaras offered by Maybelline.  The wand is quite large and has a very soft brush. There is a flexibility to the wand that I have not seen before. 

At first I found this to be a little difficult to control but after a little practise it is actually really handy when trying to reach smaller more hidden lashes. It is great for use on the bottom lashes. The consistency of this mascara is really light and it does not feel clumpy or hard on the lashes. A combination of this consistency and the wand allow for good application, the achievement of volume and the separation of the lashes which adds overall volume. I found that this mascara did not smudge or run but was easy to remove. Overall bit a bad mascara at all, one which I will continue to use. 

L'oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara 

As I have mentioned a few times in various blog posts one if my all time favourite mascara comes from the land of L'oreal - the million lash range so again I was excited to use this product.  Presented in shiny sliver packaging it is inviting to use. The wand is similar in many ways to the traditional million lash range with one exception - there is a modified edge which allows for the "flick" butterfly effect when applying the mascara. The effectiveness of the modification is, in my opinion, is a little disappointing . I was expecting volume themed with a fluttering effect. There is volume but the flutter effect is very subtle. 

The consistency is good as always with L'Oreal and the mascara does kit budge just as I like it! It's black black - again as I like it.
Overall this mascara is good but not great as I had hoped. The idea if fluttering butterfly lashes is fantastic I just did not feel this mascara achieved it to the extent I hoped. I do love L'Oreal mascara a d will always have my carbon black million lash mascara in my makeup bag. 

I am always in search of mascara - it's my most treasured makeup product! Please do leave a comment below telling me your favourite a x why! 

Hope you are having a great week! 


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Lips

Summer Lips
----------------perfect pouts for summer kisses!

Like any self respecting cosmetic lover the pursuit of the perfect lipstick is never ending. It is not only the shade that is important, it is also the texture, the finish and the staying power that must be taken into consideration. I have chosen five lipsticks for the summer season that I have been using again and again. Each one is a great little find in its own right. Let us have a lookies!

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 160 Infinitely Fuchsia by Maybelline

This lipstick is just a great shade for the summer. The Fuchsia Pink shade is really vibrant and bright but not “gody” or over the top in any way.
Theses lipsticks are really have a really light weight feeling on the lips, they actually feel really nice to wear.
The finish is matt and slightly opaque, I found them to have very little or no shimmer but I have to admit I like this finish as allows for a bright lipstick to be worn during the day without being too glossy.
The staying power is relatively good but by no means 14 hours of wear. I found that the colour did last but it did need to be reapplied quiet regularly. I do really like this lipstick not only for the reasons mentioned above but also for the fact that it is a real feel good shade and smell amazing like cherries.

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 430 Stay With Me Coral by Maybelline

Another great shade of lipstick for the summer! Coral lipsticks can be difficult to wear at times (well for me anyway) so I delighted to find this lipstick. In fact it was the first lipstick in this range that I bought and it really impressed me.
The texture and the fragrance is similar to the lipstick above and the finish is really matt which I love for this shade as a glossy shiny coral always tends to be a little on the orange side for me. It is really pigmented so the colour pop is excellent. It can be built upon by applying a little extra if you desire a richer more vibrant lip look.
The staying power again is similar to above but again due to the love for the shade of this lipstick reapplying does not bother me!
This shade is very versatile meaning it can wear day or night.

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 180 Ultimate Blush by Maybelline

The last of my favourite lipsticks from this range this lipstick is perfect for day wear. The shade falls in to the pinks category it is a frosted pink with a fabulous hint of shimmer. Once again it has a lovely fresh fragrance. The texture is a very delicate and light resulting in a shimmer finish. It is really nice lipstick that is a staple in my hand bag at the minute.

¬  L’Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in shade 102

Th is lip product is a lip gloss that acts like a lip stain.  It is really natural looking and offers a hit of colour. The shade I chose is a natural pink. It gives your lips a nice sheen but is not too glossy or sticky. It feels light on the lips, has no fragrance or taste and has goods staying power.  I like to wear this on its own for a natural look or over a lipstick to add a little shine and gloss.

¬  MAC Lustre Lip Stick in Altered Beige

This lipstick is of the Lustre variety meaning that is gives a fabulous sheen to the lips. The shade is very delicate and light. It is creamy yellow beige that, in my opinion, would suit almost all skin tones. I intend to wear this lipstick as day wear primarily but also as night wear for a makeup look that focuses on eyes and lashes.  This is the perfect lipstick to have as staple in your handbag.


I am sure I will no doubt find a few more lipstick over the rest of the summer but until such a time I am enjoying using these “great little finds”.
What is your favourite shade of lip stick for the summer?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Samples.......Every-One Loves Em!

Samples.......Every-One Loves Em!

As the title suggests am sure every-one loves samples. I am a massive fan of the whole “try before you buy” concept. I have been lucky enough to collect a few samples over the last few months so I decided to share my experiences with you. Without delay let’s get started...........

¬  Perfect Hands Intense Moisture by This Works  (30ml)

A fan of rich hand creams I was eager to try this and thankfully was not disappointed. A creamy rich lotion that is gentle on the hands, not oily or greasy and smells really nice – that is how I would describe this hand cream. With rose, mimosa and musk mallow this combination of ingredients combine to form a moisturising creams that leaves the skin soft and the your hands in good condition. I like it!

¬  Brightening Hand Cream by L’Occitane (15ml)

The second of my sample hand creams, this lotion is lighter in consistency in comparison to the lotion mentioned above. It is practically odourless, white in colour and glides evenly onto the skin. It contains ingredients that brighten the skin and gives a slight glow. It is not oily or greasy (a characteristic which is so important or I end up dropping everything). My skin was soft and really smooth after use. I have tried lots of L’Occitane products but I have to say I really like this one and would buy a full size for my hand bag.

¬  Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden  (7ml)

Often described as the magic cream I was again eager to try this product. My first impression was the smell. It is rather strong but you can get by this. The consistency is very rich; it is almost like a thick oil liquid/lotion. I used it to sooth my skin after getting my eye brows waxed. It worked perfectly. I have used it on chapped lips – it worked really well. I also used it on a break out (a rather nasty one let me add) and yes it worked well. Over all my experience has been positive and I could do with a little tube of this lotion tucked away for emergencies.

¬  Nip and FAB Mango Smoothie  - Dry Skin Fix Body Butter  (50 ml)

Oh the smell! It is just amazing – if it was a desert it would be my favourite. This product was one that I simply did not want to finish. Once again it is a rich lotion but this time it is for the body. It glides on to the skin, soaks in immediately, leaves the skin really moisturised and smelling great. What else could you ask for in a body lotion? I defiantly will be purchasing a full size of this product.  I am excited to see and smell the other varieties.

¬  Aroma Cleanse Exfoliating Cream by Declor

Always on the lookout for good skincare products I have tried a few products from Declor and found some great and some not so great! This Exfoliating Creams works by applying it all over the skin, letting it dry for a minute or two and then gently rubbing it off with a face cloth. It smells really nice like all of the products from Declor and it does seem gentle on the skin. The effectiveness was the one issue I was not so sure about. I like a gritty exfoliating product and this product was not like that. My skin was fresh and clean and somewhat exfoliated but I am not running out to purchase the full size product!

¬  Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This works (5ml)

I have tried the shower gel and the balm products in this range and did like them so was super excited to try this spray. It smells so good! As a fan of lavender I found this spray to be fresh and relaxing. It does last a while on your pillow which is nice. Whether is aided me in a good night’s sleep this I am not fully sure of but I have enjoyed using it and have been sleeping a little better. I like it as a room spray and would consider purchasing the full size product.

¬  Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti Aging Cream by Estee Lauder (15ml)

I like to use a rich night cream as part of my skin care routine and this little gem is perfect. I cleansed, toned and used my serum before applying this cream. I really like it so much so I have actually bought a new full size of this product. It moisturises the skin leaving it soft, polished looking and after using it for a week or so I found my skin to be plumper. As for the anti-aging element well I do live in hope that is successful in doing its magic. Overall I found this cream to be gentle and effective so what more could you ask for in your skin care.

¬  Optimiser Style Reviver by Richard Ward (50ml)

Volume – glorious volume I simply love it! Spraying this product on your roots it is hoped that this volume is achieved and you can restyle your hair to your heart’s content. This is partially true from my experience. It does lift your hair from the roots but I found it left my hair a little sticky. (I have long hair and lots of it!) This product is great for restyling your hair and creating an up style but maybe not so good for your hair if you plan on leaving it flowing freely. I prefer a lighter formula.

¬  Yogi Flow Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel Sensations  by Rituals (50 ml)

My very favourite bath time/shower time products come from Rituals. I love every product I have tried and simply cannot get enough of them this little shower gel sensations smells amazing, leaves the skin soft and cleansed and is so handy as a foaming spray as it gives you the perfect  amount every time. One thing I love about this range of products is that your shower or bathroom is left smelling amazing for ages after you use it. I have purchased this product in a full size and I am sure I will be repurchasing it again and again – I think it’s pretty clear how much I ADORE all Rituals products.

¬  Collagen and Aloe Vera Hydro Mask by Etre Belle (1 mask)

This is a material mask which is steeped in product which you apply directly onto the skin, sit back, relax and let it do its magic. The mask does contain a lot of product and it is super easy to apply. I used it while I was having a bath as I hoped the steam would open my pores and the magic mask would be effective. The mask itself was nice! It did hydrate my skin and left my skin soft. I am not a fan of the material mask so I think I prefer using my liquid masks but this was different and easy to use.

¬  Deep Repair Masque by Macadamia (30ml)

I honestly expected this mask to be so different then what it was. I expected it to very rich and to leave my hair oily and heavy but from my experience the exact opposite happened! I love this hair mask and have repurchased it and the matching shampoo. My hair was soft, silky and really conditioned. It added bounce and my hair was so healthy looking and feeling. I really enjoyed using it and highly recommend this hair product.

¬  Pro Collagen Marine Cream by Elemis (15ml)

This cream is a fantastic day cream. It is rich, moisturising and extremely gentle on your skin. It is perfect for a make-up base or to give your skin a little glow if you prefer the natural look. It has powerful anti aging properties like algae and ginkgo balboa rose. It is fragrance free and gentle on the skin. I used it in the mornings and my skin felt so good. The only issue I have with this product is the lack of SPF.

I REALLY enjoy using sample products as they really do allow you to try before you buy. I find that if you ask the kind assistant at many of the various cosmetic counters in department s stores, drug stores/chemists or spas for sample products they often oblige and treat you to one or two. At first I felt awkward doing this but then I realised I was purchasing products on a fairly regular basis so why not ask for a few freebies! After all if you like it there will be no stopping you purchasing the full size product.
Have you tried any samples of products you loved and had to purchase? Please do leave a comment sharing your experiences.
Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun is shining where ever you are.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat

Seche Vite Professional Top Coat 
This fast drying top coat for your nails is truly a great little find!  As an avid nail polish wear I change my colour of polish do regularly that I needed a fast frying top coat that would be kind to my nails, be fast drying and be long wearing. Seche Vite does all of this.  The formula of this top coat is designed to work it's way through or penetrate its way right through to the base coat of the nail and transform the layers of base coat, polish and the top coat to one solid layer. It really does this - after a few days the polish tends to come off in one large piece (apologies my description is not the best but I do hope you understand)  I also really like the staying power of this product. It does not chip or break and does last days - I tend to change the colour of my polish often so I have had it on maybe 3 to4 days with no chips. It has a semi gloss finish, is easy to apply and has no strong smell.  Over all a great little find for your manicure bag! Here are a few little creations of mine, all using this product as the top coat. 


Monday, 10 June 2013

May Favourites

May Favourites

I am rather late this month with my favourites but believe me there is a really good reason! 
I have been one girl on cloud nine! I am engaged!!!!! A big surprise, a bigger smile and heart ready to burst. 

Anyway apologies for my lateness and I hope you find one or two products you like and would love to try out here. 

Jouer Luminizing Moisturising Tint

I was dying to try this product after hearing and reading so many good reviews of it so during a recent shopping frenzy on (a great little find of a web-site may I add) I simply had to treat myself. I am a fan of all things illuminating therefore I was so excited to try this out. I chose the shade “bronzed” seeing as its approaching summer and I always live in hope of a tan be it a good bottle job or by my miracle of a hot summer (generally not a regular here in Ireland).
This product is a light weight, water resistant tined moisturiser. It is oil free, fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. It also contains an SPF 20. All of these characteristics are excellent from any cosmetic product in my opinion.
My first impressions of this product were good. It is extremely light weight and I genuinely felt as if I had nothing on my skin at all. It does provide a light coverage but the glow that it provides compensates for this. It adds a lovely bronzed look that is really great for the summer and would be excellent worn over tanned skin. I found I need a darker concealer to match correctly as the bronzed shade is a little darker than my normal choice of foundation but I simply added a little bit of this product to my concealer and it was perfect.
Over all I am happy with this product. On days that I need a fuller coverage I mix this product with my regular foundation and it works wonders. On brave skin days it is really nice on its own. I would really love to try the  matt moisture tint – it is now on my “to try” list.

Fake up by Benefit Cosmetics

My favourite cosmetic buy for ages I am in with love this product. I chose shade medium as it matched my skin really well. This concealer claims to be hydrating, crease free, packed with vitamins and hides dark circles. All of the above is true!
Fake Up offers a dual product. The inner ring of the product is the concealer. It is rich and pigmented and does its job so well. I really like the texture of this product and the coverage is really great. The outer ring is that of a moisturiser which includes extracts of apple seeds and vitamin E. This results in hydrated skin which looks healthy and slightly glowing. There is no caking and this product does have staying power. I highly recommend this product. It comes in three shades meaning that there is one to suit most skin tones.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Another buy as a result of my recent shopping spree on and defiantly one I will be repurchasing. I chose the shade Brunette – Suggested for medium brown to black hair. This is the perfect shade for me.
This product is unlike many brow products I have bought in the past and I have to admit it is defiantly one of the best products. It is a dual product again, on one end you get a brow brush (spooley brush) – ideal for tidying up the brows and keeping them looking perfect. On the other end you get a ultra thin brow pencil. This pencil is not like the typical chalky pencil nor is it waxy. It has a really fine consistency that is perfect for filling in your brows and adds the perfect amount of shading and colour without leaving your brows with the horrible “drawn on look”.
I really like this product for all the above mentioned reasons but I also love it as it lasts all day on yours yet is really is removed really easily.
The only negative aspect of this product is that is rather difficult to find. I have only been able to purchase it online.  I am partial to internet shopping so this is not a problem for me. I highly recommend this product as it offers a one stop product for anyone who loves maintained polished eyebrows.

Fresh Essential Moisture By Vasaline

Hydrated and soft! These are the results achieved using this product! I was so surprised by how much I like it ! The aloe Vera is so so soothing, the consistency is rich but not oily and the smell is fresh and light! Priced at 1.99 this body lotion is a treat !
The Aloe Vera component is just go great for the skin. It smells so fresh and clean

There is not much more I can say only go try it !

 Trilogy shower Gel  -Botanical body wash

I treated myself to this shower gel on one of those days when all you want is comfort!

Trilogy Botanical Body Wash is a gentle, daily body

The first thing you nautilus when you open the bottle is fabulous aroma.
It is a mixture of Roses citrus and gentle cleansing oils. The liquid is colourless and the consistency is gel like and really light on the skin. This body wash does not dry your skin in any way it cleanses beautifully and leaves the skin feeling soft smooth and smelling amazing. The oils contained in this was are so gentle that they do not leave your skin feeling oily in any way.

Like many good quality products the consistency of this shower gel is rich therefore you only need a small amount. While the price does reflects the quality of the product however it is definitely value for money as a little goes a long way

This product has won many beauty awards and rightly so I am enjoying using this product and I intend to purchase the product again. 

Disappointing Products

BB Cream by Rimmel

I have come find that in general BB Creams are just not for me but this BB cream was by far one of the most disappointing. I decided on the shade medium.  There are two shades to choose from light and medium and on testing both I found the light shade was too light where as on my wrist the medium seemed to be right for me. How wrong was I!

On application this cream was thick and really pigmented. I found the colour to be very  much so on orange side. It seemed to be completely different once it was applied to my face. It took so much buffing when applying. Unhappy with the shade I left it for a little while to see if it “settled”! Instead of settling I found that it wore off really unevenly.

Over all I really did not like this product. Am sure lots of other users love it but it simply is not for me.

 Hope you found this post helpful and some what interesting! 
what have you been loving this month? Please leave a comment below and share your great little finds with me !