Thursday, 3 October 2013

Soap and Glory Skin Care - Cleanser and Mask

Soap and Glory Skin Care - Cleanser and Mask

Soap and Glory have developed a massive fan base for their luxurious and pampering bath and shower range. The sheer smell of the many of the bath creams, the effectiveness of the body scrubs and the softness of the shower gel is impressive. Keeping this in mind I was really looking forward to trying a few of the new products from the skincare range. I decided to try tWO products

Top of Form
RRP £10.00/ €11.70

I had read a number of really good reviews of this product so I was eager to try it. This is a hot cloth cleaner for the face and neck. It comes with its own muslin cloth which I must add is really good quality. Like so many Soap and Glory products this cleanser smells amazing with hints of lavender, rose and citrus. It is rich in texture which adds to the luxury feel once applied to your skin. It is packed with essential oils which are packed with all things good for your skin. It also contains pro vitamin B5 which is excellent for softening the skin and is paraben free.
The instructions tell you to apply to the skin and gently rub into the skin for a few minutes. Using the cloth provided remove – simple but effective. My skin felt soft, felt really cleansed and was softer. I really like this cleanser and at the moment am using it almost daily. I have recommended it to a few friends and they have all reported back to me the fact they are really enjoying using it. Soap and Glory have a winner here.

Top of Form
RRP £11.50/ €13.46

I love this mask! Recently I have tried a number of different masks and unfortunately have been a little disappointed in most of them but not his one. This mask is really effective and feels really good on the skin. This mask works to deeply cleanse the skin and it attempts to melt away pore-plugging sebum that can result in blemishes and breakouts. It acts to soften the skin cells. It smells amazing and is rich in texture. It also has heating properties, once applied to the skin it heatwaaaaaaaaaaaas-0ois up which adds to the effectiveness and the luxury feel of the mask.
The instructions are simple - just massage on, and stop when the paste changes from yellow to blue. It is a fast-acting, smoothing and polishing blend of micropumice, salicylic acid and hot clay, which activates with water contact. One little element of this mask that I really like is the fact that the packaging is a tube which means there is little or no waste. Just a great mask!

Over all I am impressed with these two products and I have repurchased both of these products. I would like to try other products for from the range so I just might have to treat myself next shopping spree!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Philip KIngsley Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner 


Always on the hunt for a volume adding body building shampoo and conditioner combo I was excited to try these. I have long been a fan of Philip Kingsley Elastizer - it is by far one of my most favorite hair products - I had high hopes for this duo. Priced above average for shampoo and conditioner I would label these products as luxury products but if they work and keep your hair in good condition it can be worth it. 

Both products are designed for fine to fly away hair. This is not my hair type but I hoped to gain body and I am happy to report I did! The shampoo is colorless and pretty much odourless which automatically gives the impression that it is light and cleansing and once again this is true. The clear liquid lathers up to form a nice foam and my hair felt really clean both during washing and after. I loved how light my hair felt yet it did have body and was super soft. As shampoo's go I am now a fan! Like many good shampoo products it is potent ( even if it feels so light) so a little goes a long way. 

The conditioner is also light weight and creamy in texture. Using a little I applied it   Just down from my scalp and focused most of it on the ends of my hair which I have ombré meaning it can be a little more brittle and harder then the rest of my hair. I found the condition of my hair to defiantly improve after use. Once agin super soft, full of body and dare I say a little stronger! 

Over all I really enjoy  using these products. I will repurchase given the opportunity ( I have to buy online as I can't them stocked in a salon or shop) enjoy

I am trying a few new hair cleansing duos  as I found a great trail size supplier so over the coming posts I hope to share my experience with you! Please send me recommendations to try by leaving a comment. 

Happy Wednesday an I hope you doubt this post helpful ! 


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Favorites

September Favorites

September has literally flown by, the evenings have got shorter and the nights longer but thankfully the weather has remained friendly. This month I have not been using a lot of new products but of course I have found a few favorite products to pamper myself with. Without further ado I shall begin sharing what I believe are “Great Little Finds”!

Perfume – Addict 2 by Dior

This is one of my all time favorite perfume. No matter what perfume I am drawn towards I always return to this perfume. I simply love it. The scent is really floral with strong hint musk and a hint of fruits. The scent really does linger but is in no way strong or of-putting. It is feminine, fresh and I find it uplifting maybe because I tend to wear it so much I holds memories. Overall it I simply love this perfume and recommend any one who likes a fresh light scent that has a hint of summer to it to try this perfume.

Lipstick – Shy Girl by MAC

I have been going through a real lipstick phase and I always find it difficult to find a lipstick that can be worn every day, has staying power and looks delicate yet polished (if that makes sense!!). While tiding my make up collection recently I stumbled across this little gem. This Lipstick is part of the Crème Sheen collection. This lipstick is a nude shade with tones of peachy pink. It is really warm neural colour that I find can be worn with a lot of different make up looks. It brightens up your make up look no matter how subtle your look or it can act as a warm nude teamed with a dramatic smoky eye. I have two of these lipsticks, one almost gone and a new one ready to use so that is testimony in itself as to how much I use it. My lips always feel moisturized when I am wearing it and the colour and light gloss does have staying power as it lasts hours. A very popular shade by MAC means that it can sometimes be difficult to find but defiantly worth the effort to find.
Makeup Brushes - MAC – NO 217

Slowly over the last few years I have been building up my makeup brush collection. I like different brushes from different brands like Real Techniques and Benefit but one of my most used brushes and most favourite brushes is this one the 217 by MAC. This is a blending brush for the application of eye shadow. It is a large fluffy brush with white soft bristles. It is a little dense which only adds to its effectiveness. It allows you to have perfect control over the blending of eye shadows meaning you can achieve the perfect look that you want to achieve. I really like using this brush and recommend it as part of your make up brush collection.
Eye shadows – Rimmel’s Scandal eyes Shadow Sticks

I am really new to using these eye shadow sticks by Rimmel but I have to say I am so glad to have tried them. I recently purchased two shades Bad Girl Bronze and Bulletproof Beige and have used them so much.
Bad Girl Bronze is a rich brown shade that is so easily worn. Bulletproof Beige is a delicate nude shade that adds a nice sheen and is perfect to act as a high lighter for the brow bone. These eye shadows are really pigmented and rich. The application is really smooth as the product is soft but also easy to apply with precision. Both shades have shine and look very rich. One element of this product that I really like its blend-ability, I like to mix shades and this product allows for this. I look forward to trying more shades.
Bath Time – Bath and Shower Gels by Treacle Moon

I found these little delights while doing my weekly shop in Tesco a few months ago and I have grown to love them. These bath and shower gels smell amazing and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. My favorites are the mango, the lavender and the melon. These products smell exactly like mango (fruity and fresh), lavender (relaxing and rich) and melon (fresh and light). Each bottle is 500 mls so they last ages, priced really reasonably and lots of variety to choose from. One little element of each product that I like is the little poem written on each bottle. Each variety has a different poem and there is just something really nice about each poem. I have included a photo of each poem I hope you can read them and enjoy them as much as I do. These products have taught me that luxury does not have to come with a hefty price tag.
Have a look here 

September Dis-Likes

I have one major dislike this month, Clinques Clarifying Lotion from the 3 step programme. I was looking forward to trying this range but I was very disappointed. I found the clarifying lotion to be really harsh and very potent. I had a reaction to it (in the form of breakouts) and felt as if it striped my skin. I stopped using it after two weeks and am still trying to reverse the harshness my skin experienced. I am sure this three step system is by cliques is excellent for some users it just did not suit my skin.
Other likes this month:

  • ¬  September means the return of good T.V shows like Homelands and Revenge……roll on the lazy chilly nights of the couch watching t.v
  • ¬  Scarves – I love scarves and this time of the year is perfect for a large chiffon scarf to keep you cosy
  • ¬  Herbal tea – I love Twingings Sleep Tea. This tea is a combination of camomile, lavender and vanilla with a hint of honey for sweetness. It is naturally caffeine free so it is perfect for a little down time before bedtime.
September has been a busy month but a good month too. I hope you try one or two (or all ) of my favourite products from September and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
As always I shall ask you to leave a comment below telling me what you have been enjoying using this month as I love to hear about them and of course I love to try new products.