Monday, 31 December 2012

December Likes and Dislikes
1.     Yves Saint Laurent - Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
Shade Beige 30 - fair to light complexions with creamy tan beige undertones
€31 from

In short I love this foundation. I had been looking for a nice foundation that could be worn daily, that was natural looking, long wearing and skin friendly. So far this foundation has fulfilled these criteria. I had been wearing a tinted moisturiser as I often found full foundation heavy and found that it was difficult to achieve the correct look I was hoping for. This foundation blended really well, could be built upon using powder or bronzer for a more glam look or just a swipe of blush for a natural glowing day look. My skin looked flawless and had a reflective sheen. I had been a fan of the original Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat and this foundation really did not disappoint. I intend to continue using it, I highly recommend it.

2.    Eye Brow Sculptor by Tom Ford

Shade = Chestnut
€40 approx / £32.00

I had read reviews of this product and had watched a few beauty tutorials so was very curious as to how it would work out. This interest combined with the fact that I rate eyebrow maintenance and appearance as top priority pushed me to treat myself. Once again I am not disappointed. I had been engaging in the usual routine of getting my eyebrows tinted once a month and then using MAC eyebrow in Spiked. I liked this routine as it achieved the look I hoped for, However since using this Tom Ford product the routine is over. Application does take a little practice as the applicator is slanted and you need fill in your brows at a certain angle. You can build upon the colour to achieve a darker shade. It is long wearing and definitely defines your brows. It also has a brow brush applicator on the other end which is excellent for fine tuning your desired look. Admittedly it is one of the more expensive brow products but so far from my experience it is worth it. Highly recommend.

3.    Decleor - Aromessence Neroli Serum - 15ml

€44.99 (sale price normally €60.00)

I received this face oil as part of a gift set when I purchased a face moisturiser by decleor. I had not paid much attention to the face oil until recently when my skin was suffering from a phase of break outs. Unsure of the cause of the break outs I decided to cleanse and use this oil as at night. My skin has improved so much. This face oil claims that the Aromessences will nourish and prepare your skin with specific plant based moisturisers to treat, hydrate and protect.

Thanks to its natural affinity with the skin, the oil aims to
• penetrates skin upon application to soothe and relax the skin,
• provides immediate comfort and radiance, and be the quickest and most direct Beauty routine available to leave skin visibly smoother, softer and glowing with radiance.

Declor tells you that you should use this oil morning and night. For my skin type which is normal to combination I recommend to only use once at night as the oil is very rich. You only need a small amount so even though this oil is rather expensive it will last for a long time. Skin transformation is just achievable.


4.    Kerastase - Elixir Ultime for Colour-Treated Hair 


Again I received this as an added bonus with the karastase Christmas gift set. I love Kerastase shampoo fro coloured haired hair. I had used well known hair oil before after shampoo and conditioner and had found it to be good. This product however is excellent. Like all beauty oils of any nature you only need a very small amount. I rubbed a small amount of oil between my hands to heat it up and worked it through my hair form mid length to the ends. I stay away from the roots as I want to prevent my hair becoming too oily. I found my hair to be excellent condition, full and very soft. The product claims to promote shine and I have to admit a few of my friends commented on the shine and condition of my hair since I have been using it. I have replaced the oil I had previously used with this product and I like it so much that it is firmly established in my hair care routine.


5.    Molton Brown Rejuvenating Body Moisturiser in arctic shajio

€20 approx

These winter days leaves the skin dry and dull and well entitled to a treat now and again. This body moisturiser fulfils this entitlement. Like all Molton Brown products this is rich and nurturing on the skin. It smells fabulous without being too strong.  A little goes a long way and has lasting effects. The one problem I have with this product is that as you use the product it becomes increasingly difficult to use the pump on the bottle. I am only half way through my 200ml bottle and on my last use last night I had to open the screw top and shake out the contents. Overall this body lotion is a luxury and has left my skin feeling soft, smelling lovely and in better condition.


v  M&S Calming Infusion camomile, lavender and lime flower

20 tea bags €1.99 approx

This month I stumbled across a fabulous tea perfect for curling up on the sofa after a long day and watching your favourite telly or getting engrossed in your new book or mag. This tea is delicious and soothing. I am a fan in general of camomile tea and this was a lovely variation of taste.  I simply <3 this tea.

v  T.V programme = Chicago Fire

What more could you ask for, cute men in firemen outfits fighting fire and being all hero like. Also a pretty good story line to follow with likeable characters and solid plot lines. Not the most serious of T.V shows but worth a look for sure.


v  L’Oreal Super Liner in Black lacquer

Approx €10

To the point I really disliked this eyeliner. It is a fluid black eyeliner with a thin applicator. I found the applicator was extremely soft which meant that I found it very difficult to apply this eyeliner with precision or perfect a thin line as I had hoped for. Also the softness of the applicator left it near on impossible to create a long fluid line with not gaps. The liner did have staying power so that was one positive but over all I did not like it and will not be using it again.


Hope you enjoyed my likes and dislikes for December 2012. Here comes 2013, I am really looking forward to stumbling across a FEW GREAT LITTLE FINDS to share with you.


Please if you enjoyed this leave a comment or any products you would like me to review just leave the name

Thanks and happy New Year <3





****ALL of the above opinions are my own, from the experience of using the product and I have NOT been approached or paid to give such opinions.


Hello 2013!!
This Blog post will be a little different, it will not contain any cosmetics or fashion tips but it will contain what I believe is a great little find  .........for myself anyway. I apologise in advance if I come across as being a little self absorbed genuinely that is not my intention. My true intention is to attempt to offer an alternative view on approaching this New Year. My intention is to evoke a little positivity in to life, even if that positivity only reaches me.
As we approach the final few hours of this year millions of people worldwide are no doubt contemplating all the tasks, promises to one self and resolutions they will make and hope to achieve. Rightly so! Out with old and in with the new is often refreshing and motivating. However for me this new-year I am aiming to follow a little different path! Instead of pointing out all the ways I strayed from the intended paths of 2012 (of which there many a time believe me) and listing off all the things I am going to do correct and improve myself, I going to look in the mirror and tell myself well done girl well done, you got this far and your still standing and you done ok!!!!!! 

You see 2012 was a tough one, so tough. It brought with it situations which conjured up every conceivable emotion known to man in me and unfortunately the negative out shone the positive. Days came where the energy or the will to do what had to be done just did not arrive. Hurdle after hurdle, fear after fear and one obstacle after another.
I had to learn to live without one of the most important people in the world to me, I had to face a long standing health fear, I had to accept certain people would not be in my life anymore and I had to essentially do a lot of growing up fast as I realised people and life do disappoint you no matter how you try to avoid this realisation. Despite this I am here and survived and am hopeful for tomorrow and all it could bring.
Every day without my mother is a day too many but I know she has looked over me and helped me. I know she is far but also near and I know she equipped me with the skill to be a “strong little thing” (those being her words). I can hear her words of advice about my job "what is for u won't pass u" advice that we can apply to all aspects of life really. This past year has been lonely, hard and dull without her but in my heart she is always alive and by my side. Loss is something I honestly don't believe we are meant to understand or accept we just merely get used to.

For these reasons I say to myself not a new me for 2013 the old me is not too bad! How about an even stronger version of me because this old me aren’t too bad! Let’s do this, let’s take the New Year and be hopeful of all it may bring, let's embrace the new adventures and keep a smile on that face. We got this far!!! You have taken a lot; it is not time for things to get better. Hope is always there.

So for anyone out there who is intent on changing themselves or being a new you just take a minute and remember just how good at being u you really are. This is my wish for myself and for all around Me

Happy New Year, may it be all you could hope for.

Bliain Sláintiúil agus Sona Nua xxx 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

One of my favorite shops

Shopping Heaven.........................

I really wanted to share a true great little find with you and in this case it’s a shop. 
One of my favourite clothing stores here Ireland is Awear. This store has to be one of the "old reliable" for me when the shopping bug takes over and I just have to venture in the retail jungle.

This store offers such a good mix of products ranging from glitzy going out rig-outs to casual must haves, to cosy comfy lounge wear and not forgetting an affordable and stylish range of accessories, bags and out wear (hats, scarves, gloves, ear muffs etc). The clothes can be described as being relatively cheap and cheerful and from my experience have always been good quality. In recent times the Awear Dress has been well promoted. They offer a large range of dresses both casual and glamourous and again from my own experience and that of my friends these dresses do not disappoint! 

One of my favourites at the mo = Glam party wear cut out dress €65 

 Another aspect of Awear clothing I really like is the size range of the clothes. Sizes 8 to 18 and S, M, L, XL are the primary size ranges and each size seems to be true to description.  To my delight a web store for Awear was launched at and carries the majority of what is offered in store. They deliver world wide - again experience has proved to be very pleasant due to the swift arrival of my orders and free postal returns from Ireland. 

At the moment I love two items I have that were once awear babies. Lucky for me one of Santy’s little helpers was kind enough to bring a faux leather barrel bag with gold studded detail. Its fab!! Large enough for your entire essential hand bag must haves but not so big to leave you feeling weighted down. One zipped pocket inside and zip closed on the outside. Both long and short straps make it easy to carry. The studded detail is bang on trend. I have teamed the bag up with these funky little boots which were a great little find!!!! Black suede effect ankle boots with studded detail on the toe and on the inside zipper. These boots are super comfy and the best part is they are from Penny’s/Primark at steal of €18!! My outfit of choice is black jeggings, black cosy knit jumper and oversized leopard print scarf which I treated myself to in Awear a few months ago. I love to go natural with nude make up and eyes and of course bright red lips – casual and comfy with a splash of glamour. Awear I <3 u ! No doubt I will be visiting soon so I’ll post about my next haul.
Thanks for reading me and please leave a comment if you feel the need.

**** All opinions are my own; I have not been paid or asked to promote any shop, organisation, product or service. All of my finds are my own****

Friday, 28 December 2012

Kiss Me Quick

Kiss Me Quick !!
What is it about Red Lipstick that just makes you feel great? It is almost like with the glide a creamy rouge along your lips you are automatically gifted with a little extra confidence. Your head can reach a little higher and your strut a little sharper. Oh I do love a nice red lippy. Problem however lays in the persuit of finding the right shade of red and ensuring that it has staying power. Once again I have tried and tested many a red lippy but have settled on just a few that I really like and have shown you below. Seeing as New Years Eve is just about upon us wait...........
Before you rush out and pick your lippy have a little peek at my tips


• Take off any makeup, wash your face and take a good look at your skin tone
• Now you need to determine what the "undertones" of your skin are.
• Once you know your skin tone, you can start finding your perfect red lipstick. 
• If you are very pale - bold red lipstick is NOT what you want. Find shades that are more a mixture of coral-red or orange-red or peach-red. Don't overdo it.
• If you have darker skin you can get away with more obvious red lipstick.
• Olive skinned people should go for brighter reds - maybe even a fluoro shade! Dull or "matte" red, or purplish-reds, will not suit.
• Remember!! Red lips ooze confidence so try it out and see how you feel 
My recommendation
are below.
If you want to add a splash of gloss I like Mac Suntints lip balm or Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Crystal Clear 

Diorific DNA 038 BY Dior

MAC Cremsheen Lipstick in Dare You

L’Oreal Color Riche Diamantissime Lipsticks in 300 Velvet Robe

MAC Satin Finish RED

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pretty Pretty Nails

Nails of Skulls and Sparkles 

What is it about having your nails just done. Your hands magically become the most fashionable accessory for miles around not the stumpy little sausage fingers they were about half an hour ago - ok I won't tar us all with the same brush it's only my fingers that resemble a sausage!!!

Anyway, I'm sure that the majority of beauties out there love a good old file and polish but what about the extra bonus of a fabulous eye popping colour polish. At the moment many fashionista's are loving a splash of nail art. I myself think it's just fabulous. One point I would make in relation to nail art is, like so many things in life, less is definitely more. With nails a bright and bold colour if you proceed to add nail art to every nail we run the risk of entering tacky town and all our good intentions of glam are gone. I don't claim to call myself a nail expert  I just love my nails done. Like many of us I can't afford to spoil myself to a professional nail treatment very often so I have picked up a few tricks about application and products I like to use. Keeping this in mind I have listed below a few of my top tips for achieving a fabulous nail look today.
Hope you enjoy. Any questions or comments please feel free. I will leave links to all products

1. Before you touch your nails with polish make sure your nails are clean and polish free.
Use a good moisturizing nail varnish remover to ensure all old polish is off. I like
Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover. Wash your hands with a nice hand wash and leave to dry for a few minutes. 

2. File your nails to the shape you like. At the moment I am loving a nice short rounded nail. I would always suggest investing in a glass nail file. Glass nail files last literally forever!!! Once you get used to using the glass nail file its so easy, does not damage your nails at all and actually assists nail growth as the nail is not broken. 
I use the Nails Inc Glass file. 

3. Use a good base coat. this step is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are going to use a coloured polish it will stain your natural nail if you don't use a base coat. Even the high end polishes will stain, in my experience these polishes will actually stain a little more as they have excellent pigment. The second reason is to ensure your nail is being nourished. Nail polish will cover your natural nail and will not be exposed to air. As you want your nail to grow and remain strong use a good base coat. At the moment I like Nails Inc Caviar Base Coat. Its light and dries easy. Leave to dry. 

4. Apply your polish. Depending on the polish two coats are generally need to achieve a deep colour. 
Ensure there is not a large amount of polish on your brush as it will end up clumpy and if it does dry it will take ages.

5. Apply some nail art if you please !!  This is were the fun starts. You can apply art using a stamper, stencils sets or if your on the artistic side you can try your hand a free hand drawing.  You can also use gems and stones, litter pots or embellishments like skull heads as seen in Nails Inc new collection ( as you have probably guessed I <3 Nails Inc ). I like the nails sets by Essence as they are effective and cheap. I buy mine in Pennys/Primark.
If you are applying embellishments you may need a good nail glue if it does not come with your nail art sets - just keep this in mind. I use a simple wooden cuticle stick to dip in the glue and attach the embellishment. 

6. When your nails are dry and your art is completed apply a good top coat. Your top coat should be strong enough to set your nails and protect to ensure you wont have chips or nips on your precious nail work. After trying many many top coats for nails and cursing them an hour later when my nails chipped I have found what I think is the best top coat in Sally Hensen Miracle Nail Growth. This is promoted as a nail treatment and can be used as base or top. I find that it leaves your nails strong and sets them perfectly. They should last approx 5 days. Its a top buy for your nails in my book. 

****** So there you go !! My top tips for your nails and nail art Have a look at few examples of my creations. 

 Hope you enjoyed this post and you have lots and lots of fun trying it out your self. Any comments please leave them or mail me. All the links to products are below 

J xoxo 


  • ·        Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover

  • ·        Nail file

  • ·        Essence Nail Art

  • ·        Nails Inc Skulls Nail Art

  • ·        Cuticle Sticks

  • ·        Nail Glue

  • Sally Hensen Miracle Nail Growth