Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Flower For All Seasons

Here is a little post, may not be beauty in the conventional sense but the subject (flowers) are beautiful all on their own!

Over the past  year I have developed a growing love for flowers. By no means am I 
evolving into a budding gardener or an agriculturist. I don’t have any major knowledge of flowers, how to grow them or how to arrange them. This is an area I would love to be 
more familiar with and learn about in the future. In the meantime I am simply drawn to flowers and plants. I absolutely love having them around my home.

“Flowers Are Colourful Smiles”

To me flowers are a sign of life. They are alive, they grow and flourish, and they can stand tall and beautiful and always draw a smile. They have the power to give a fabulous aroma to any environment.

Each week I buy a bunch of flowers from my favourite florist and place these flowers in my window. It has become my ritual. The real reasons I buy these flowers are for my mother. As I have mentioned in an earlier post my Mum is no longer with me and at the moment flowers remind me of her. I place them in the window for her. I like to believe that where she is (I like to believe heaven) she can see them in my window and they make her smile! 
Ok I realise that this may be alien concert to some people and outright madness by other people but this is my little ritual and I wanted to share it.

My flowers this week shared with you (“,)

A few months ago I bought a tiny house plant. It had no name attached, it was just alone in the supermarket and had lost all label. So I bought it, took it home, put her (of course it is a lady plant) in the window, watered her every second day. Months passes and nothing happened. To my surprise this morning I got p and went automatically to pop the kettle on and water my little gal plant. To my surprise we have growth! We have a little budding flower. Still have no clue what is going to grow or for how long but she is growing. I cannot wait to see what happens...............

My wee budding beauty 

So the next time you are out and about and you see a little flower or a whole field of flowers give it a thought, these flowers might be a precious reminder for some one.

Do you have any little routines, rituals or habits you would like to share. I would love to hear about them. Please leave a comment below..

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


P.S I also found a good website showing the meaning of lots of flowers its really helpful.


  1. That's really sweet that you choose to remember your mom with flowers, i love that :') Haha I hope that little plant grows really big and beautiful some day!

  2. thanks for the comment. I think its just my way if yo get me ! I have to say just putting out there via the blog is really good and its even better to get a positive response like yours.

    am rooting for my little missy plant too lol