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I love nail, I love nail polish/varnish, I love nail art and I love manicures!! So as a way of sharing this love I have decided to dedicate one post a week to an all things nails. I have completed a few post on nails which I you can have a look at by clicking HERE   ......

So to begin, I just want to add at this point I am not an expert on nails, it is a simple  love trying new nail trends and I get super excited with a new style, art idea or trend is introduced. This excitement raised its giddy little head when I saw the The Velvet Manicure Set in Mink Cashmere by Ciate. Velvet Manicure 

This manicure set is focused on the theme of luxury and texture. In this kit you receive a bottle of polish; in this case the shade is cashmere mink, a bottle of crushed velvet powder in a corresponding colour and a little brush to aid in the application process. This kit was super easy to use and the whole process is really fast.

·         Clean off any excess polish and ensure the nails are oil free.

·         Assuming the nails are in you desired shape apply a base coat – I really like OPI Nail Envy as it nourishes the nail as supplies a base coat.

·         Open your kit and line up your bottles! Apply one coat of the nail polish to each nail and allow drying.

·          Take one nail at a time and apply another coat of the nail polish. Then on the same nail sprinkle the crushed velvet powder onto the nail. Apply as much as you like of the powder depending on how much definite you want the texture on the nail. Continue nail by nail all the time being mindful that your nails are drying and setting.

·         When powder is applied to all nails use the little brush to sweep away all excess powder.

·         Hey presto! You now have a velvet manicure!!!!

*Please excuse my little chubby fingers in the photo's I have rather small fingers but are little chubby too. They remind me of my Mum's hands so I don't mind all that much (",) 

A really great positive of using this manicure kit is that it dries really fast and sets even faster. It is also strong. My nails did not chip at all in the 5 days that I had it on. Despite this the texture was really easy to remove with nail polish remover which is unusual for specialised manicures – I often find them really difficult to remove.
The only negative aspect of using this kit was that I was not 100% in love with the colour as the time went on as it became a little darker. This however was simply a matter of taste. Ciate in general offer very high quality nail products and  I found this kit to be no different.

Over all I enjoyed using this kit and think that the texture really does fulfill its ambition of being luxurious and velvet. I would like to try another colour in this range.

What do you think of the velvet texture for your nails? What have you been doing lately with your nails .......? Please leave a comment and share as I love to read them. 


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