Thursday, 25 April 2013

Product I Love Today– Day 4

Products I love Challenge

This week I am setting myself a little challenge! For the next seven days I am hoping to write one post a new post each day showing one product that I have found recently, I have really enjoyed using and would highly recommend. True to my blogs name I hope to show a few “Great Little Finds”!

Product I Love Today– Day 4

Mint Green Phone Cover with Bow Detail 

I am like a little jackdaw bird, I am attracted to all things shiny, sparkled and new! For this reason it comes as no surprise then that I absolutely love to change my phone cover. When I change my cover i also change the wall paper etc. As I say a new cover is like having a whole new phone! At the moment I have a white iPhone 4S so luckily there are many covers to choose from but today I am in love with this mint green bow detail cover!

This cover was bought on eBay where I find many of my covers. This one in particular is one of my favourites. It is hard casing which means it protects the phone handset really well ( I can be very clumsy)
It is mint hard plastic with a different sized pears attached. It is like the pearls are melted into the plastic as they don't budge! In the top left corner is a pear embellished bow! It is really pretty, ties in with the pastel trends and lets face it a little bit different!
I bought this cover on eBay so if you would like to check them out click here

Hope u like this post!
Keeping in the theme if Products I  <3 have you any products you love that you wanna share? Please tell me by leaving a comment below.


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