Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Product I Love Today– Day 3

Products I love Challenge

This week I am setting myself a little challenge! For the next seven days I am hoping to write one post a new post each day showing one product that I have found recently, I have really enjoyed using and would highly recommend. True to my blogs name I hope to show a few “Great Little Finds”!

Product I Love Today– Day
The Wide Iron By Cloud Nine

I have the type of hair that does need styling (even if only a small amount) practically every time it is washed. I just have a natural kink that needs taming !! I have traditionally been a GHD user but due to a a seriously disappointing experience when I repurchased a new model I took the advise of my hair stylist and purchased a cloud nine wide iron. I am so glad to tell you that from the very first time I used it I loved it!
The wide super smooth plates and curved body allow you to straighten, wave or curl more hair, faster.

It has an excellent variety of heat settings meaning you can control the level of heat applied to your hair. You can also decide on the heat temperature most suitable to achieve your intended style. For example Approx 100-125 pdegrees for s straightened fine hair or lose waves or 150-200 degrees for thick/medium curls or barrelled waves. You do not need to go over the hair a number of times or repeat straightening this product completes its task swiftly and effectively! It does not drag the hair while straighening or when using to create waves etc.
One thing I really liked about this product (in addition to its effectiveness) is the actual design. It is handheld, non slip and very easy to manoeuvre and manage. It comes with a protective cap you just pop over the plates. This protects against burning and also protects your plates from damage or scratches. It also comes with a black felt finish long pouch with a drawstring. This has a dual purpose as in you can use it as a carry  bag for your cloud nine or as a heat protective mat when flat.

Over all I could not be happier with this product. It does exactly what I want it to do while at the same time giving me control over the levels of heat I apply to my hair. Priced at €125 approx it is, for me, well worth the price tag. It is no surprise at all that this product has won the best straightner award for 2013.
I love this product !! For more information click here


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