Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sound Asleep ..........................and Soft Skin

Sound Asleep ..........................and Soft Skin

My sleep habits have been far from perfect in recent times, so much so that when I came across these products from the “This Works” range I was happy to try them. The fact that I also love the smell of lavender was also a contributing factor to my purchases. I was new to this brand of products but had read and heard many good things so I was eager to get trying! 

First up is the Deep Sleep Shower Gel by This Works -250ml €19.50 or £15.00

This shower gel maybe rather expensive but it is potent so again it seems to be lasting for a while. Said to be a natural shower gel that promotes a good sleep.  It is free from sulphates, alcohol and artificial fragrances and colours. A natural blend of high concentration pure essential oils includes Camomile and Lavender to calm and soothe. It also contains Coconut Oil to soften and protect the skin.  The bottle is a pump bottle. The pump disperses only a small amount so only one or two pumps are enough. You are also encouraged to run the gel under running water to enjoy it while having a bath. I am really enjoying using this product, its smell is just so relaxing and it genuinely leaves my skin soft. I have found myself drifting off to sleep a little faster! I am really enjoying using this product. 

Next purchase was the Sleep balm by This Works - 10g €16 or £12.00

This little pot of balm is a relaxing pulse point balm with aroma therapeutic benefits to help you unwind, relax and essentially have a better sleep at night (or whenever you fancy a little shut eye!)  It is a rich balm that is all natural, has a fantastic smell (lavender, camomile, Monoi and Coconut oils.  I keep this little pot at my bedside and I rub is on my wrist pulse points and temples just before I settle to sleep. Again I find myself drifting off to the land of sleeps really easily. This little balm can be used almost anywhere on the skin to treat/protect against irritation but it is not advised to use on the lip. The area’s where I have used it I have noticed a softness to my skin. Again I am really enjoying using this product and will continue to do so.

I like these two products and I genuinely feel they do have relaxing properties but one thing I am sure of is that they are gentle, kind and all round good for the skin. I really like the aroma of lavender and camomile so if these smells are not for you then maybe these are not the products for you but otherwise they are a real luxury.   
For more information on these products CLICK HERE

I have purchases one or two other products from the “This Works” range of skin and body care so I am looking forward to trying these out and sharing my experiences.

Do you have any nice products or goodies that help you get off to the land of sleeps? Please leave a comment and share your tips. 

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