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Face-mask Me Please
Facemasks – the ultimate companion for a perfect pamper night. Like all my good skin care finds I am constantly on the lookout for a good one. My skin tends to be a little changeable but I find you cannot go too far wrong if you stick to the choosing a mask that fulfils one or all of the following properties, moisturising and cleansing/detoxifying and a hint of anti-aging just for good measures. Over the last few months I have been using a few different masks and here they are! Just to clarify my skin tends to be on the normal side, it is neither dry nor oily, and I am prone to the occasional breakout and hormonal difficulties. So here you have it, my current face mask picks!

Masque Doux Aromatique aux 3 Roses by Nuxe

This is a gentle purifying and clarifying mask for all skin types. It comes in a glass jar (which I find helps to get the mask really cool by placing it in the fridge 15 minutes before use). On opening this mask the first thing that hit me was the smell, it just smells so clean! There is a hint of very gentle tea tree and lavender. It contains oils and clarifying agents to leave the skin cleansed and restore radiance. I find this mask really gentle and over all really nice to use. I apply it using a flat foundation brush as I find the consistency of the mask rather light and the brush just allows for less waste and easy application. The mask has a fresh feeling on applying it to the skin. My skin is really soft after use and in no way dry. This mask is exactly as the name applies – gentle and cleansing. Priced at £18.50 or 24.99 for 50 ml it may be deemed as expensive but I find it a good purchase and worth the money.
Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask by Elemis

This mask is part of the Tri Enzyme Skin Care Range. I have completed a separate post on this range just CLICK HERE
Since completing this post I have changed my routine a little but I continue to use this gel mask by Elemis. It is an anti ageing mask that aims to resurface the skin, renew the skin leaving it less dull and full of life. I like to use this mask at least one a week. It is a gel mask and it is potent so once applied you can feel a distinct tingling sensation, a sensation which you are advised will happen so for me this just means the mask is doing its job well. This mask does not dry the skin but I find I need to follow it with a rich moisturiser after use. If I do this I find my skin to be really fresh, even toned and bright. Again this mask is expensive at £48.00 or €56.00 but it is patent as mentioned therefore it lasts a long time. I have been using mine now for what seems like months and I find that my skin has improved and is over all better so I am contributing this improvement in part to the use of this mask.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm by Elemis

This little gem is multi-purpose and with each use it seems to impress me even more. I really enjoy using Elemis products in general but this product is the nicest I have used. It is a rich balm containing skin nourishing properties that just loves the skin and the skin seems to love the balm. It smells really good, it works as a treatment on the skin leaving it cleansed, radiant and really soft. I think it is pretty clear that I don’t have a bad word to day about this product. The pro-collagen element of the mask aids the elasticity of the skin so that is always a big bonus. When using this mask I love to apply it while having a bath and simply lay back and relax leaving the balm to do the work and I enjoy the aroma of the oils. Priced at £35 or €42 it is skin treat, a pamper treat and an all around great product.
Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask by Michael Todd

Michael Todd seems to be a favourite for a fair few bloggers and admittedly I am relatively new to range (I absolutely love the toners from this range so much so I have reordered my second bottle) True Organic Range of products. I bought this mask when I was on the search for a mask with had good antibacterial properties as I was seeming to have constant recurrent blemishes in certain areas of my face. As I was very impressed with the toner (separate post to follow!) I was genuinely looking forward to trying this mask. On opening the bottle I was glad to see it has a pump for application with makes it less messy and means less wasting of the product. It is brown in colour and tick in consistency. It spreads across the face really easily. It has a very “detoxifying” aroma; again a hint of tea tree is definitely present! Unlike the above mentioned masks this one has a very potent smell. I find this mask gives a rather strong tingling sensation when applied and this lasts for almost the whole 15 minutes you leave it on your skin. It also becomes very hard so if you do not like the tightening sensation of many traditional face masks then this mask may not be for you. Removal, to my surprise, was really easy with warm water and a face cloth. After use my skin was a little tight n dry but just pop on a good moisturiser and it was back to good again. I also found after use this mask seem to push out any impurities and a little exfoliation the next morning and my skin clear and free of any imperfections or blemishes. Over all this is a strong potent face mask. I would only use it maybe once every two weeks or when I have breakouts or blemishes or when my skin needs a really good cleansing. Priced at £23 or €26 it is available online from the Michael Todd website.
Drink Up Intensive Moisturising Mask by Origins

Seeing as this winter season seems to have gone on forever I really wanted a good moisturising mask to give my skin a good lift and this is exactly what this mask does. It seems to be a favourite of many and rightly so. Avocado, Apricot, Kennel and seaweed are just a few ingredients that help the skin to build up reserves of moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated and help it look radiant. You simply cleanse your skin and pop this mask on, hop into bed and while you sleep the mask is doing the work. It smells nice and is gentle on the skin making it a really good product. Priced at £14 or €20 approx it is one of the less expensive in the Origins range but well worth it in comparison to the results received. INFO

These are the masks I am using at the moment. Alternating between them means that each mask lasts an extra long time and it also means that I can treat my skin according to its need at a particular time. I hope you found my opinion on the face masks I use helpful.
What face masks do you use? Have you any suggestions? Please leave a comment telling me below.

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