Sunday, 7 April 2013



Today, again, I want to share a post a little different!  People say it is the small things in life that often draw the biggest smiles. This is often very true for me so I want to introduce my little bit of (well not so little these days) of fluff that draws a massive smile to my face most days ....................Biddy (“, )

Biddy came into my life over 3 years ago completely by mistake. It was Christmas time and weather was awful (insert sad music here please) I was going out to close the gates to my parents house when I saw a plastic bag move!! Inside was a tiny fur ball that is Biddy. She was very unwell as the top of the bag had been tied, basically this little kitten had been dumped!!

This is the sight I wake up to most mornings panned out at the bottom of my bed. She sleeps in her little house in the garage but she still wants to come to see me in the mornings when she comes in, or maybe she just likes the heat of the electric blanket!! She purrs so loudly. 

Biddy watching television....yep she sits herself up gangsta style! She is loving Nashville !

I have always loved animals so it was no surprise I wanted to rescue and help the little might. As I opened the bag she crawled out and when and hid. Instead of scaring her I let her be, keeping a watchful eye on her, leaving milk out for her to drink. Over the next two days she slowly came out and began coming over to me. It may sound silly but trust had to be built up. My Mother gave me a basket, I bought blankets, kitten food, toys and anything I thought would make this little fur ball feel at home. I don’t know why she ended up with the name biddy but it just seems to suit her! Almost 4 years on and this little big kitty has made my home her home!!

She still gets afraid when new people (especially men for some reason) come into the house and she is still a little nervous. Despite all this she is a great cat, she is a source of comfort and she a member of my family as she is my fur-baby!!


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