Monday, 1 April 2013

Healthy Hair with an added Bounce!

As I have mentioned many times before I do love healthy hair with a little added volume. In my pursuit for this I have tried and tested many many products. Some I have loved, some hated, some have left my hair sticky and heavy and others I have been repurchasing again and again. In this post I am going to share some of my great little finds that have helped me achieve healthy bouncy hair. Let me add at this point I have long dark just beyond shoulder length hair, it is coloured and the ends have a slight ombre. I don’t necessarily have thick hair but I have lots of it! Ok just so you know what kind of hair I am dealing with !

First up is one of my favourite shampoo and conditioner sets at the moment.

TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo - Click Here For Info

This shampoo is really rich and sulfate-free and contains volume boosting shots. It cleans your hair really well and does not in any way weigh it down. There is defiantly a bounce and my hair was so easy to style and manage after washing, even if I did not use conditioner and just used hair oil. The shampoo is rich and concentrated so you only need a very small amount and plenty of water to create a luxurious lather.

 I used this with TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Conditioner Click Here

Again this is a really great product to give your hair bounce, shine and leave it really healthy looking. It smells like flowers, is light on the hair and defiantly strengthens your hair while preparing it for easy styling. 

Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer . I can not praise this product enough. I got a sampler of this product a few months ago and on the second use I purchased a full size tub as I just knew  it would become a stable in my hair care routine. A winner of many beauty awards in 2012 for example Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012 it is a worthy winner.
Originally created specifically for Audrey Hepburn it is a pre-shampoo treatment delivers elasticity, bounce and shine to hair. It also provides uv protection after washing and helps prolong the life of colour treatments in hair. I experienced results after the first use and with continued use it seems to just get better. You only need a walnut size amount worked through hair – I use a little more maybe once a month and work it all over the hair. I leave it for over an hour (as long as possible) as the longer you leave the product in your hair the richer the results. I genuinely recommend this product for all hair types – I recently treated my sister’s hair (bleach blonde) and the results were fabulous. My favourite hair care product at the moment! For more information Click Here

Volume Boost Mousse by James Brown
I have tried many hair mousse and I have always found that they leave my hair sticky, heavy and feeling really bad in general – well that was until I found this mousse. I randomly picked this up to try it and was very happily surprised with the result. Written on the bottle is “create a natural full body without a trace of stickiness” and I am happy to confirm this as true. A small amount applied to the roots of the hair gives a natural boost, helps styling and leaves no stickiness. It is packed with vitamins such as vitamin B which can only help your hair’s health. This is a good mouse that does exactly what it says on the tin! For more info Click Here

Toni & Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip
This is my newest purchase from the world of hair products. This hair whip is said to give full body with movement. I have tried it a few times and I find that is does give a definite lift to the hair. I only apply it to the roots of my hair as I think it may be a little too heavy to apply through the hair. I also find that you must only apply a very small amount as to avoid the stickiness. I do like this product from my use so far but I would only apply it when hoping to achieve a definite style or need extra lift. For more Info Click Here

Schwarzkopf - Osis+ Dust it mattifying powder

This little pot of magic dust as I call it works absolute wonders for your hair but be warned it is strong! Only to be used on an occasion where extreme volume or height is required this dust lifts your hair to new heights. Apply to the root of the hair you can either tease the hair with your finger tips or back comb your hair. I use this in conjunction with a back combing brush. The dust lifts from the root and the back combing brush styles and adds height. One thing I find with this chosen method of styling is that I have to wash my hair before I go to bed after using this as it does leave your hair very matty and it is almost impossible to comb the next day if left. Despite this I love these products to add that little something extra.  For more info Click Here

There are my some of my favourite hair styling products at the moment for achieving bounce and volume that moves freely and has little or no stickiness. I hope you find one or two products that you like. 

What are the hair care products you are loving at the moment? Please leave a comment below and share your finds and experiences. 

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