Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Product I Love Today – Day 2

Products I love Challenge

This week I am setting myself a little challenge! For the next seven days I am hoping to write one post a new post each day showing one product that I have found recently, I have really enjoyed using and would highly recommend. True to my blogs name I hope to show a few “Great Little Finds”!

Product I Love Today – Day 2

SeeByChloe Eau De Parfum

A few weeks back I finished a bottle of one of my favourite perfumes in Dior Addict 2 so I went in search of a perfume that satisfied my longing for a spring summer scent that was light and fresh. Introducing my new addition to my perfume collection SeeByChloe!
I fell in love with this perfume the moment I smelt it. This perfume is fresh and light, it has a distinct scent of apple blossom, flowers and a little jasmine. It is a young girly perfume that just leaves a little whiff of summer in every spray.
I also really like the bottle – it really reminds me of a little bird cage. It is simple, light weight and perfect for your handbag.
I am really enjoying using this perfume, it defiantly has mood lifting qualities or it just evokes images of summer days when I wear it. Why not go have a little sniff and try it out!

What is your favourite spring scent at the minute?


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