Friday, 26 April 2013

Product I love Today - Day 5

Products I love Challenge

This week I am setting myself a little challenge! For the next seven days I am hoping to write one post a new post each day showing one product that I have found recently, I have really enjoyed using and would highly recommend. True to my blogs name I hope to show a few “Great Little Finds”!

Product I love Today - Day 5 

 Nude Skin Highlighter by Dior 

*Apologies for the quality of these photos’s my camera was not at hand so had to resort to using my phone. 

I read a few reviews of this product and watched the ever talented Tanya Burr use it a few times as she completed beautiful make up looks that my decision to purchase was a definite! It was a little difficult to find, as it turned out more people than me were in the pursuit of a extra shimmer to their skin. Finally found, tried and tested and the conclusion drawn - I Heavy black heartit! Yet again the Doir makeup range impresses and offers us users a high quality product the is simply beautiful on the skin. 

This magical powder is a subtle combination of fine mother-of-pearl in a transparent base. you can lightly apply it to the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose and the chin and watch the glow on your skin cone alive! The powder aims to attract a maximum amount of light and recreate the dewy glow. It is leaning towards the natural look ( let's face it not many of us awake naturally with dewy perfect skin) but does not leave u fake, plastic or too polished looking. 

The texture is very soft and powdery. I prefer to use a brush for application rather than the applicator provided as I find my brush gives a more even finish. It blends really well on the skin. It comes in a plastic compact complete with sponge type applicator and mirror. 

I have been wearing this product a lot since I have purchased it. I think it adds a really delicate pretty finish to my cheeks, acts a perfect highlighter for the brow bone and a touch of shimmer in chosen spots around the face and neck! 

Overall I am a fan of highlighter and this product is really good, a stable in my makeup bag for summer. This product does exactly as it promises, it adds instant illumination to the skin. 


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