Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Toes and Summer Feet

Spring Toes and Summer Feet

Here we are in spring and summer is just around the corner............ok a girl can dream! The sun may not be raising it pretty little head as yet but we do live in hope and therefore we need to prepare for long summer days wearing sandals and brightly coloured nail polish on our toes.
The never ending winter, the boots, the cosy fluffy socks and the lack of exposure has left our feet and toes in no condition to be flung out into the open world – or maybe that is just me. How and ever panic over .............here is a “great little find”

Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask costing €3.50 from Primark/Penny’s holds the key to all our problems! I picked up this little gem maybe 2 weeks ago and have been seriously surprised by the results. It acts as an exfoliating mask and a treatment mask to remove hard skin from the feet while conditioning the skin.  Result is that is works, it really works.

The steps that need to be followed are really simple!

1.      Have a foot soak or simply wash your feel

2.      The pack contains 2 plastic socks which contain a liquid solution – it is by no means messy!

3.      Place the plastic socks on your feet

4.      Pop a pair of comfortable bed socks on to keep everything secure (this is my recommendation)

5.      Sit back and relax for at least an hr ( I left them for longer as I was lazy watching TV

6.      Remove both pairs of socks and rinse feet

That is it! At first my feel seemed exactly the same. This was about to change! Over the next week the hard skin literally fell of my feet! (This is a little gross but it shows the solution worked). This “shedding” lasted for 4 or 5 days and little by little my feet have became practically summer ready.

This mask really does work. There is one point I would like add - for a couple of days after using this mask my feet where cold! I am unsure of what this means but just thought id mention it. So if you can handle a few cold toes and the whole “shedding” experience I highly recommend this mask. I will use it again and think it is excellent value for money!

I look forward to finding more little preparation products, masks and the likes to aid my skin in the seasonal transition!

Have you tried similar products and if so did you like them? Please leave a comment and share your experience.




  1. Wow, great concept! The shedding thing is gross, but the important thing is that it works and the rough skin goes away!
    My Beauty Junction

  2. LOL it is gross but once ya get over that its excellent !! and it is cheap. Do you have a primark where u are?

    1. Sadly no - used to live in the UK, but now have to rely on the odd travel to pick up Primark supplies.
      My Beauty Junction

  3. agggg.....I do love primark, cheap and cheerful yet you can find great little things like this mask. If you ever see anything you really want I can send it to you if you like......A fellow blogger needs to be kept in supply LOL

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    1. Thanks a million , So nice coming from you as am a fan of your blog