Monday, 8 April 2013

Bargain Finds

I love to find a little bargain or two and I love to share these finds even more!!!
On my travels I popped into Dealz to pick up something and found theses "great little finds"!!!! Don't you just love a surprise find....

First up is an iPhone cover. I love to change my cover really often so I love to find different covers that are cheap but effective (I do have plans on completing a full post on iPhone covers). The strawberry design cover is fab! Perfect for the spring. Even better is the fact that it is hard plastic so it's durable. Even better it was €1.49 ........ Oh yes please!

Next up is a double pack of nail wraps. One set is baby pink with white stars and the second is fushia pink with glossy white stars. Now I have not used that's yet but sure cheap and cheerful again at €1.49 - I will post how they are! Also in the packet came an Emory board.

Finally I picked up a packet of 6 diamanté nail charms (2 hearts , 2bows, 2butterflies) these are genuinely so cute. I have bought expensive high end charms and was delighted to find these as a cheap alternative at €1.49 again.

So there you have my little finds for today- not bad for a Monday morning eh !!!

Have u ever been surprised by a little find of your own ??? Please leave a comment and tell me.



  1. Really good finds there!!

    I've just come across your blog and love it!

    Lexii x

    1. thanks a million, I love a good bargain lol thanks so much for having a look at my blog,
      Maybe I have incorrect but I tried your link and it says it can not be found, have you a new address for your blog.

      thanks for your comment


  2. Those nail stickers are cute!

    Lovely blog :) xx

    1. Agh thanks a million for your comment. The nail wraps are great ...for €1.49 perfect value lol