Monday, 25 February 2013

Style Icon’s

A post a little different today! With all the reports and news from the Oscars taking over the airwaves and magazine pages I got to think about  the celebrities  I rate as style Icons. There are many!
The one major aspect of style I truly adore and am always attempting to achieve is good hair! I simply love big glam hair. The whole pursuit of volume has been a long standing challenge I have a regular battle with! I do hope to win one day.
As far as make up goes I am defiantly an eyes girl. I adore all things make up as can be clearly seen from previous blog posts but if I were asked to choose one aspect of my body that I liked it would have to be my eyes and it is for this reason I adore trying new looks, methods and products to add a little bit of special to my eyes. I like a natural glow also and we all know this glow we speak of does take a bit of effort to achieve.

The style icons I have chosen have been chosen on their hair and makeup, despite the fact that they also have great fashion style. Each lady brings a lot of special in their look and always seems to be flawless yet have a little natural beauty also.

So I begin with the British sweetheart that is Miss Cheryl Cole.

Love her or hate her this lady always looks amazing. Her hair is big, her eyes are bight and her heels are high. I know her hair is, let us say, helped along by maybe a hundred extensions but it sure looks good. Big, glossy and wavy........Oh a girl like me can dream!
Her makeup is impeccable.  Focus is automatically drawn to her eyes which seem to be perfectly matched to her eye colour with a smokey look and wide eyelashes. I also like the nude natural lip look that she goes for. Some commentators may believe that she is “overly made up”, well if this is the case make me up as much as you like to achieve this style.

Next up I have chosen Rachel Billson.

I really like this lady’s natural bouncy look. Her hair is really glossy in a very natural, barely touched way. Her makeup matches this by being on the nude side and focus again on the dark lined eyes. She keeps her makeup look day friendly but could be easily modified to bring her to a night look also. The natural tan also helps her achieve a healthy glow. She just has a laid back, easy style to her that is so glam in its own right.

Lana Del Rey

This lady has it all in my eyes at the mo. She is a great artist with a fresh style of music and excellent lyrics. On top of that she has a fabulous style. Once again we see hair being a massive focus. The 50’s/60’s inspired wave is just lovely. Her makeup look seems to be inspired by a very natural flawless bronzed finish, nude lips and angled eyeliner. She just carries this look off perfectly. I like her fashion sense also. She really does offer great inspiration.

I love attempting to recreate some of these looks, as they say try and try again!
Who do you rate as your fashion icon? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I love to read any comments.

I am off now to look at a little more glamour from the red carpets Have a great Monday.



  1. Indeed they are, now if I could only recreate a bit of that beauty Id be happy lol

    thanks for comment