Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bath Time Bliss – L’Occitane Heaven

I received this fabulous gift set as a Christmas pressie and how perfect is it for me. I adore L’Occitane products-all of them and I love all things lavender (even lavender tea I included in my December favourites post)
proudly found in the high end section of the body care product department L’Occitane is really as good as they say. The ingredients are super luxurious and the products are such a treat. This brand offers a wide variety of scents in their products I find it hard to choose just one but my gift giver of this treat knew me well. The lavender offered here is very nice. It is delicate, relaxing and very gentle. It is not in any way a false or manufactured smell it is do natural that it probably is nicest version of lavender I have smelt.

I was delighted to open this gift. This gift set included: 

A large bottle of lavender bath soak - this is just a fabulous addition to bath time. The lavender is delicate yet effective, it almost insists on you relaxing while you soak! The smell lingers enough for u to enjoy it but by no means is over powering in any way. I love this as part of my bed time bath routine.

Second item is a pump bottle of lavender Hands Wash. Again a luxury item. I would love to tell you I place this in my bathroom accompanied by the matching hand lotion but this would be a lie! Instead I use this hand wash as a shower gel and it is great! It leaves a really nice softness and hint of aroma. It is gentle and effective and far too nice to be just used on your hands.

Next up is the solid bar if hand soap. Now this little lavender gem has pride of place by my bath room sink! It's long lasting, nice on your skin and smells so good.

Lavender body lotion - rich, creamy and super absorbent your skin practically drinks the stuff! My only issue with this item is you do receive a big enough bottle! Heavy black heart It!

Last but by no means least we have a lavender hand cream. L'Occitane is renowned for their hand cream and rightly so. I always carry a little tube of my favourite at the time in my hand bag. It's really effective for dry skin and has built in ingredients to nourish your nails and skin. If I were to recommend one product at all from this range it has to be the hand cream it is just amazing!

So there you have it a little run down on my favourite gift set I received at Christmas. I love rich body products and therefore this is perfect for me.

What is your favourite body care brand or product? I would love to hear your recommendation so please leave a comment.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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