Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Artdeco.....a few little samples

During a recent visit to my most favourite spa/beauticians 5th Avenue in Mullingar (for a really good look at all the treats they have to offer click HERE  ) I was given a few samplers of the new range of products from Artdeco.
I am new to the brand Artdeco so it was a real treat to be given the opportunity to try out these samples, which I must add were a great size for a sample. I have read good reviews of this brand and the many products the offer so I did not waste time in having a little tried myself.

Anyone who is familiar with me, my blog or my make up habits knows that I adore good mascara. I got this mascara in black. This mascara claims to open and define the eyelashes and it is good mascara as in it is dark and it does open up your eyes. The level of volume is fairly good. I would use this mascara as day wear and seeing as it is a sample size that I have it is perfect for my handbag. I like the fact that the mascara is jet black as it highlights the eye. It is fragrance free and is gentle on the eyes. Overall I like it but as mascara’s go and taking in to account the amount of them I have tried I am not sure if I love it as yet.

¬    Lipgloss

I received this gloss in the shade iridescent. I really liked this gloss. The colour was very pigmented and has the finest of fine glitter particles to give a real glam effect. It does give a high shine and lips are plump looking. It lasted ages meaning I did not have to reapply for hours on end. A great gloss I have used up already.


Unfortunately I simply did not like this foundation at all. It aims to give the face an oil free matt finish and be of light weight and medium coverage. I found this to be untrue. The consistency was heavy and almost hard to blend. It was not my shade but again this was a sample so it was not matched to my skin so I cannot comment on the shade due to this. I just found it heavy and thick. I removed it once it was applied. I am sure it is perfect for many people’s skin just not for mine.


Loved this product so much have went out and bought a new pot for myself. This is a translucent powder that is used to set or finish the desired make up look. It has delicate light reflecting pigments that just give your face a really delicate glow. It is really easy to use and helps you achieve the natural nude look that has been all over the catwalks this year at various fashion shows. I highly recommend this product; it is relatively inexpensive for such good results.

So that is my experience of a few Artdeco products. Some good, some bad experiences but like all cosmetics worth a try. For a look at the full  range of products click HERE

Hope you find this account of my experience helpful.



  1. Oh the gloss sounds lovely, Ive got shimmer gloss before but when the shimmer had rubbed off, I was left with a mouth full of glitter that ended up all over my face, which is very annoying. Did you find you had that problem with this?

  2. the gloss is nice, thankfully I did not have that problem they must have modified the formula as that sounds really unpleasant!! As lip products go have you tried Clarins Lip Perfector?? am loving it at the mo