Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cosmetics Storage

In an earlier blog post I was delighted to show my handy make up storage stand.

Click here to have a look at the blog post. 

As a little follow up to that post I have found a few more hand little storage solutions. I like things neat and tidy but easily accessible too. For this reason I <3 my make up storage solution.

I found these 3 white decorative pots in IKEA recently. They are in fact plant pots that I found in the garden section of the store. The moment I saw them I knew I would find an alternative use for these little gems. They are made form a form of light weight metal and are white in colour. They are extremely light weight and came in 3 sizes. I have the two smaller sizes which have worked out perfect for my needs. 

I use one of the larger pots to hold my entire make up brushes collection. I have approximately 20 brushes of all different shapes and sizes. I also have my eye lash curlers popped in here too. As you can see this size pot holds a fair bit!

The second pot I use to hold lotions and potions, bits and bobs I use on a daily basis. Again the size is generous so at the moment I have a bottle of MAC eye makeup remover, a bottle of MAC fix plus spray, a medium sized Kerastase hair brush and a small banana clip.

The last pot which is the smallest in my collection I use it to hold cotton pads for makeup removal and a packet of tissues. So as you can see these 3 little pots hold lots yet take up little space.

I recently found the last storage item that can be seen in my photos and I have to admit I love it. It is a simple light weight wooden box with 2 doves and 1 heart wooden embellishment on the top and secrets carved into the front. It has a hinged top and lots of room inside. I found this box while just browsing in a little shop in my town and loved it on sight. At the moment I am just using to hold every day jewellery. I think it has an old fashioned charm.

Storage is often difficult to find so I hope you like my little ideas. What storage solutions do you have? I would love to hear about it so please a comment. 



  1. I really like it and it holds lots too. €20 ...think I may have to buy another one.