Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Benefit’s Trail Size Sets

 Recently during a rummage thought my sisters cosmetics I convinced her to gift me two fabulous Benefit sets, one from the skin care range and one from the makeup range. Traditionally I would not be drawn to Benefit but I have to admit since I began using these sets my opinion has changed from somewhat indifferent to being very positive.
 First off, 

I have been using Benefit Porefect Radiance Gift Set

This set contains;
  The Porefessional (7.5 ml or 0.25 fl.oz) – This balm is designed to minimise the appearance of pores; fine lines and leave your skin feeling super soft and pampered.
I did like this balm and it did leave my skin soft. I am glad to say I don’t have many noticeable pores so if it does reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores all I can say is I hope it worked on me. 

·         It’s Potent – Eye Cream (30g net weight) – this eye cream claims to work wonders on the delicate skin around the eye area. It aims to fade dark circles and smooth fine lines so you are left with younger looking eyes. I have to say I liked this eye cream so much so I have it all used up. I used it mainly at night after my cleansing routine. I had not been using an eye cream at all before so I have noticed brightness around my eye area. I would definitely consider repurchasing this product in a larger size. 

·         Triple Performance Facial Emulsion (8.9ml or 0.3 fl oz) – Such a cute little bottle! This emulsion has SPF 15 and claims to hydrate, protect and comfort the skin. It is oil free and light weight. I used this lotion at night and I liked it. Again I don’t feel there is enough provided in this set to help you form a definite opinion but I did like it while I used it and my skin was bright and hydrated.

Over all I did enjoy using this set. My favourite item was the eye cream. I liked how all 3 products had a very delicate yet creamy texture and had no smell. I would recommend purchasing a set like this to try the products before purchasing a larger size.

The Second Benefit Set was from the makeup range, in particular the Illuminating Collection - Finding Mr Bright.

The set contains;
Girl Meets Pearl – this little potion claims to provide “an all over glow from within”. It’s a really light pinky gold consistency. You are advised to wear it on top of your make up or with no makeup at all. It did give a nice gleam which was subtle, though I think that may be due to me being rather sparing with the application. It is nice and the little tube will do me ages.

2.    Posietint – This is a really nice liquid blush. 2 or 3 drops rubbed into the apple of your cheeks is really nice and delicate. I advise to wear with natural look make up for a really fresh faced look. Again I would be very sparing with the application in attempt to try to avoid the clown look so this little bottle will last you a while. 

3.    High Beam – This is my favourite element of this set. It is a perfect high lighter for the face that can be worn all over face from cheek bones to eyebrows. I intend on repurchasing this product in a full size version I liked it that much. 

4.    Erase Paste – described as an “industrial strength concealer” this product hopes to erase all imperfections, flaws and blemishes. Nice as it is, personally I prefer my regular concealer as I am sure of the shade as I found this one to have a slightly pink tone to it. For those who like a general concealer this is good and it defiantly covers and last.

I am really glad that I tried this set. I liked it a lot, as mentioned my favourite product being the high beam high lighter. Again I would recommend this set to anyone who is curious to try the products as you are given ample opportunity to try each one in this set as you are given a generous sample of each.

To have a better look click FINDING MR BRIGHT 

Since I have been using these sets I was intrigued to what other skin care or makeup sets Benefit has to offer. I was nicely surprised to find that they have quite a few to choose from. A favourite beauty emporium website feelunique have a great variety.
Also have a look at the BENEFIT website 

Have you tried any trial size products and loved or hated them? Do tell (“,) by leaving a comment below I love to hear recommendations.

Have a lovely evening ya’ll


  1. I always see these trial sets in boots and have to be strong and refrain from buying them all lol

    1. I am exactly the same but honestly could not recommend these more I even went n bought the new one with cleanser moisturiser exfoliator n eye cream at the week end to try. Lots in the pack for €18.