Friday, 16 August 2013

Top Tip Friday

Top Tip Friday 

Some times I dread washing my hair! If I have a a few days were I just threw my hair up in a top knot or wore it tussled, wavey or in lose curls I especially dread it. The reason for this is the tangled mess that it ends up in!  Every one know attempting to brush your hair when it is in this state results in a lot of broken hair. No one wants that. So my to tip is this  About 1 hour before you wash your hair liberally spay a detangling leave in conditioner on to your hair. Turn your head upside and spray spay! Leave the conditioner in your hair for an hour or so then wash as normal. I find the leave in condition does a few things all of which are good!  * your hair is detangled- maybe not perfectly flowing but it is much more manageable.  *it is much easier to wash your hair and brush it out after. Less hair is broken.  *my hair is really soft and feels really well conditioned. The extra conditioner left in my hair for the hour or so helps strengthen my hair.  These three benefits would , in my opinion, be welcomed by everyone.  At the moment I really like using 2 leave in conditioners. These are; 
Both are excellent and do exactly what I want them to do so I would recommend both.  One extra little tip for you - I also spray my hair with one of these products before I go swimming. I spray liberally and then pop on my swimming hat. I find that the extra conditioner really helps protect my hair from the negative effects of chlorine that's in the pool!  So there you have it. My to tip for Friday - two little tips in one ! I really hope you find this helpful!  Have a fabulous weekend  xoxo 

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  1. This is beyond brilliant! I haaaaate the post-wash brushing out, Tangle Teezer/Tamer notwithstanding, because of all the tangles. I washed my hair today - will definitely try this on Monday morning. Thanks so much~ shared it on my Facebook page x
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