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Summer Nail Colors

Summer Nail Colors

I have always loved manicured nails and I have always been a fan of coloured nails. I am of the belief that a manicured paw looks so maintained and well taken care of. The summer welcomes bright shades and vivid colours. At the moment there are so many colours to choose for. High end brands to drug store favourites are offering many fun and funky nail polish options. In this post I am hoping to share with you some of my most favourite nail polish colours I have been using all summer long.

The first set of nail colours I have been in love with this summer are from the ever popular brand ESSIE. These brands have always offered a wide variety of shades and colours so it is very difficult narrow down a few. Essie would be on the higher end of the price scale but the polishes are good quality and tend to last. My favourites are the moment includes:

Fiji – a delicate light pink colour. It is really creamy which means that it looks deep and rich on the nail. It is very neutral so can be worn with out-fit choice. It is also an excellent polish to be used with nail art.
·         Mint Candy Apple – this polish is one of my most favourite at the moment. It is bright and vibrant, looks fabulous with a little tan and adds a pop of colour to your fingers.  
·         Super Bosa Nova – a bright glossy fascia Pink. A little shimmer running through it this nail polish is my happy colour!
Next up my favourite colours offered by Barry M’S Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint Collection. I have always been a fan of Barry M nail products, the products are genuinely some of the best on the market. This particular collection is just as good if not better! I can honestly say I love all the shares on offer in this collection but I have narrowed down four that I have been using most often. This collection is really high shine and aims to offer the same shine as a gel manicure. One piece of advice I would offer when using the products from this range is leave approximately 5 minutes in between application of coats as this polish is rather thick so it looks better if allowed to dry for adequate time.

·         Watermelon – this is a really rich nail paint shade, it literally is the exact same colour as a big watermelon. It is bright but also dark which means it is an excellent choice if you find the transition from dark nails to bright nails a little difficult.
·         Papaya – a pastel coral colour really bright and rich. Looks amazing on a tanned hand.
·         Blueberry – Again a pastel shade of blue this is rich and vibrant. I love this polish as it picks up all skin tones it seems to always look so well. I also love to use this polish when I am applying nail art like dots or strips.
·         Pomegranate – this shade is actually really difficult to describe! It is rich pink/red shade. Sometimes depending on the light it can be redder on the fingers and other times it can appear to be a rich fuchsia pink colour. Either shade that is presented it looks amazing or in my opinion is a polish that should be a stable in your nail polish collection.

The last little collection I would like to share with you consists of a few different colours and brands. Each one is a favourite and each one is versatile.
·         The Thames by Nails Inc – a Matt grey shade that is light enough for summer wear yet also an excellent shade to act as an intermediate between light and dark shades.
·         Strawberry by Barry M – A baby pink shade to compliment any manicure.
·         Warrick Way by Nails Inc – a glossy turquoise shade.
·         Snow White by Models own – it is difficult to find a nice white polish that does not look like tippex on the nails. This polish is light and bright, perfect to be worn alone or used as part of nail art.
·         Baker St by Nails Inc – a cult favourite and for good reason. Royal blue, rich, glossy and bright.

These are the nail polish colours I have been really enjoying using this summer. I hope you find a shade or polish you grow to love.
What nail colours have you been using? Please leave a comment below and share with me the shades you have been enjoying using. Like all cosmetics and make up I love to find newbies to try!

I have decided to dedicate Monday to all things nails. For the next few weeks I will be offering post all about all things nails so I hope you enjoy ! 


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