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Radiance - Give It A Glow !!

Radiance - Give It A Glow !!


My post last Thursday was all about the bronzer and comparing a high end product to a drug store product (click HERE if you fancy a quick read). Keeping it tune with that this week I want to focus on radiance boosting creams/balms and again look at a high end product and a drug store buy.

Radiance creams and balms are by definition a skin saviour for those dull skin days were you need a lift. These creams claim to offer the skin a helping hand  in achieving that "just awoke from a perfect 8 hours" look while also offering skin care benefits. I love the sound of this so I have tired a few products that claim to offer such benefits. I have chosen two to share with you!

Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm by Elemis 

This beauty balm falls in to the high end category for sure priced at approximately €42.00 for 50ml or 1.7 fl.oz. This Product claims to offer skin flattering qualities while also offering rich moisturizing qualities. In short this product claims to offer the user 3 products in one:
  • Moisturizer 
  • Radiance Booster 
  • Primer 
 I have had this product for a few months now and I have been using it very often. When I first got it I used it for a month non stop as I was curious to see if it was as good as the reviews. First impressions were positive. The cream itself is rich in texture meaning a little goes a long way. It has no smell at all and seems to glide on to the skin. I put in on in the mornings where some days I would wear make up and others I would not. The days I wear make up I find that it really does have good primer qualities. The balm itself glides on smooth and my make up tends to be glide over it just as smooth. My make up does not become blotchy or patchy (but this may have a little to do with the fact that my foundation suits my skin type). My skin does not feel dry so there is some level of moisture present in the product. As for a radiant look or glow, it is hard to be sure when you are wearing make up (and due to the fact I like illuminating foundations like NARS Sheer Glow). The real proof is when I am not make up free. I have to admit this balm does add a certain glow to my skin. My skin looks healthy and fresh. The dullness is not so evident. I think the real poof is in the fact that I genuinely do not mind going make up free once I have this product on - just a swipe of lip balm and  helping of mascara and I am good to go! Therefore on the radiance boosting scale this is a good product.
I tend to only have one issue with this product - I would like it to contain an SPF. I am not one for layer on my lotions and potions on my face so if I could get one product with all this product offers and an SPF I would be chuffed! Until then however I will continue to enjoy the benefits of using this illuminating balm - expensive but worth it in my opinion.

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel

Priced at approximately €5.50 this is drug store product that is part of the Garnier Moisture Match Collection. It claims to lift dull skin, give you the bright and radiant look while also offering 24 hour hydration. This product is a gel consistency and is really light. I used it for two weeks solid  to see if my skin benefited. First impressions were a little mixed but positive also. 
I am generally not a fan of gel moisturizers but the one thing I did like about this product is the fact that it is water based and you could feel that in the products consistency. It has citrus extracts which does give it a nice subtle smell. Once applied to the skin I found it takes a few minutes to absorb fully. As I mentioned it a water based gel and my preference is a cream moisturizer and this only became more apparent when I was using this. my skin just did not feel 100% moisturized. As for the radiance boosting elements or the "wake me up" element. I found my skin did look a little brighter but again not to a great extent. Over all I liked this product but I did not love it. I wont be using it as my daily moisturizer. I would recommend it maybe for younger skin, maybe late teens early 20's as it may offer more of that the skin at that age needs. This range of products are a good idea and offer products for five different skin types. I just was not a favorite of mine. 

As can be seen from my shared experiences of the two products above  I will be sticking with the high end product in my pursuit of radiant skin. I am also a fan of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which offers radiance boosting qualities and can be used all over the body. 

Do you use a radiance boosting balm? If so please share your experiences I love to hear them. 

Hope you found this post helpful and if there is a particular product you would like compared from high end to drug store please leave a comment below telling me. 

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