Monday, 12 August 2013

Mondays Nails = Nail Wraps .......How To !

Nail Wraps ...............How To! 

Attempting to stick to my goal of dedicating Mondays to all thing nails I wanna share my experience of attempting to apply nail wraps. 

I have always been a little dubious of Nail Wraps. They just seemed a little fiddlie or complicated to me. In my pursuit of attempting to try new beauty trends I decided to bit the bullet and have a go! 

I came across these flower design nail wraps in my local Dealz store ( similar to a cut price store) and thought for the price of €1.49 they were not too expensive if I made a complete mess of applying them. Pink roses on a chocolate brown background seemed like a pretty design so my adventure began ! 

I began by ensuring there was no old nail polish on my nails by cleaning each nail with a little nail polish remover. 

I then filed each nail to keep the shape I like and buffed each nail
Using a buffer by Layton Denny. I like this buffer as it has 4 sides in a block that allows you to file, buff as polish each nail. I finished my preparation by applying one coat of OPI Nail Envy. I find this product by OPI an excellent tool to strengthen my nails and keep them in over all goo condition. 

Next I decided on which nail wrap size matched each nail. Only need to do this for one hand as there are 2 wraps for each size 

Once you have the correct size carefully remove the wrap place the rounded end towards your cuticle gentle lay the wrap along the nail. Using your finger or the flat end if a cuticle stick run it along the nail just to flatten the nail wrap and remove any bubbles. Pinch the ends like shown. This just makes the next step easier! 

Using a nail file gently file the nail warp at the edge of your nail. This will remove the excess nail wrap. Once removed just file gently to achieve the desired shape.  That's it! The whole process is much easier then I had envisioned. So much so I have purchased more nail wraps and will defiantly be using them more often! Have you tried nail wraps ? If so do you like them? Please leave a comment with any recommendations you may have. 


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