Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Invisi Bobbles = Miracle Hair Tie’s

Invisi Bobbles = Miracle Hair Tie’s 

Look what I found! This is a genius idea for tying back your hair.

These little gems are designed not to break your hair, mark your hair, cause knots or tangles. They simply hold your hair back and keeping it in tip top condition at the same time.

These “Great Little Finds” offers a range of advantages such as
·         It is traceless –  I hate the mars regular tie ups or bobbins leave on your hair. With the invisi bobbles there is no marks left on the hair at all so perfect for holding back your hair while doing your make up and then letting your hair flow!
·         Avoids headaches – your hair is tied back but it is not so tight that your face is pulled or you have a tension head ache.
·         It is caring to the hair – the soft plastic does not break your hair.
·         Wearable with all hair types – does not get caught in curls and it holds fine hair too.
·         Bracelet feature – it can be worn on your arm without stopping the blood flow.

I have found that these little ties great for a variety of hair styles. I have ued them a regular pony tail or a side pony tail and a top knot. 

Available in lots of bright colours they are a great investment in packs of three. I have my box of three for approx 1 month and I have been just one bobble and it looks perfect.

To see more info just click HERE I bought mine from my favourite hair salon here in Mullingar - Profile Hair Design. have a look here- as always this hair salon offer so much more than a hair cut. 


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  1. These look great thanks for sharing I am going to go check them out now!!

    Jac x0x