Friday, 9 August 2013

Top Tip Friday

The best make up in the world can never replace good skin. To achieve good skin is a difficult task that centers around finding good skin care products that suit your skin, maintaining and protecting a good skin care routine and of course a handful of good genetics lends a helping hand too!
I have mentioned in a very early post on my blog that if I could give my teenage self advice I would it would be to establish a good skin care routine from an early age. CLICK HERE. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure!
In this post I aim to share with you one of my top tip that helps me keep my skin clear and in good condition – well most of the time (we can always prevent the dreaded hormonal break outs or just bad skin days!)
I only started to use a good toner in recent years and I can whole hearty say that it has turned my skin around. If at all possible use an antibacterial toner. These toners have really excellent cleansing properties and ensure that all the nasty bacteria that cause nastier breakouts and spots. The routine I follow is cleansed (using a wash cleanser and a liquid cleanser) tone using an anti bacterial toner, serum and moisturize.
My favorite toners at the moment include
1.  Blue Green Algae Toner by Michael Todd 

This is my most favourite toner and is simply really effective. I have done posts on this product before and all the posts (click HERE)

For information on this Michael Todd toner CLICK HERE

2.  Origins – Balancing Toner

This is a refreshing toner that is gentle yet effective on the skin. It has a slight tingling effect on the skin which adds to the “clean “feeling on the skin. This toner also has exfoliating properties but does not strip the skin.

For more information on Origins CLICK HERE

3.  Clinique – Clarifying Lotion

This is toner I am currently using and so far I am finding it really good. It is said to helps clear away pollution, dulling flakes for smooth, glowing skin.
It also is said to help pores look their smallest. Skin accepts moisture better. Grows more resistant to impurities. Stays healthier – all of these fabulous properties I am really hopeful will prove to be true. So far I am finding it good, it did bring out a few impurities in the form of small break outs but I was warned about this when purchasing. This has settled down now and I am finding my skin to be clearer. Only time will tell my true impressions!
For more info CLICK HERE

In conclusion my top tip for Friday is use a good toner and if at all possible use an anti-bacterial or balancing toner!

I hope you find this skin care tip helpful.


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