Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Pedicure At Home

Summer Pedicure At Home 

Summer brings sandals and flip flops. For this reason it's a necessity to give your feet a good old pampering to keep them in tip top presentable condition. Recently I treated myself to a homemade pedicure using some of my Beauty Routine products and I bought I'd share my pedicure routine with you! 

Step 1 - Fill a basin (or foot spa if you have one) with warm water. I really like a hot soak. 

Step 2 - add a little anti bacterial wash to the water. I also added about 5 drops of Caudalie Divine Oil. This oil is pure luxury and is perfect to soften hard skin. 

Step 3 - Soak your footies for as long as your little heart desires. Sit back and relax. I used this time to catch up on a missed TV show I am loving at the mo - Mistresses USA - love it! 

Step 4 - When you are ready take one foot at a time and using the Soap and Glory Scrub massage each foot. This scrub smells amazing really zesty and clean. The particles in the scrub are excellent in removing dead skin and leaving your feet super smooth and soft. 

Step 5 - Using the Pedi Egg or similar remove more hard skin from the soles of your feet and heels. This little egg is super handy as it is shaped so it’s easy to handle and hold and it collects any skin inside and Ta easy to clean. Your feet will be so soft and smooth. I like to finish this part of my pamper session by just rinsing my feet and towel drying them. 

Step 6 - Once dried I like to fill my toe nails. After being soaked the nail is a little softer and easier to shape. Using a file - for this purpose I like to use a larger file - I shape as best I can! 

Step 7 - The last stage is moisturising. I use a little 24 hour moisture mask from Origins. I know this is a face mask but it also works wonders in your feet so why not pamper a little! I rub in my moisture mask and pop a pair of cotton socks over each foot and leave to soak in. 

Result! Prep'ed and Primed homemade pedicure using product I already know, have, use and like! 
Hope you enjoy your little pamper session if you have one! Let me know of any pedicure products you enjoy using so I can have a try! 



  1. I have to admit I do pretty much neglect my feet all year and then it comes to summer... panic! I will need to get my hands on some of these products to give my feet a little pampering! Great post :)

    Julie x

  2. thanks for that..I love any excuse for a little pamper of any kind.... I love using the products I have already as I know they suit me but am sure there are lots of special pedicure specific products. thanks again for comment