Tuesday, 23 July 2013

False Lashes by House of Lashes

                          False Lashes by House of Lashes

As a result of my love mascara and volume packed eyelashes it is no shock that I love false eyelashes! I have tried and tested many many brands, sizes and shapes. Traditionally I have come to use mainly eylure lashes as I find them to be natural looking and easy to apply. After seeing a few good reviews for House of Lashes I simply had to try them. In short my experience with these lashes has been nothing short of excellent. 

I ordered online. The customer service was exceptional. As this company is based in the USA (and I am in Ireland) they contacted me to confirm my postal address as I do not have a post code and they wanted to ensure my order arrived safe. This is impressive customer service! 

I order a few different styles if lashes and their own brand lash glue. I also ordered a cute little storage box for my lashes. Everything arrived in perfect condition, extremely well packaged in a matter of days. Once again impressive. 

House of Lashes provides lashes made from 100% human hair, are cruelty free and are hand crafted. All this sums up to a good quality product sold at very competitive prices. The lashes can be used a number of times so this adds to the value factor! Even including delivery
the exchange rate these lashes worked out approximately the same as what I was paying for lashes in my local drug store. 

The lashes I have loved are titled "Sweet Romance". They are genuinely so so pretty. They add volume and flutter making your eyes pop! They fall under the "au natural" collection. They are perfect for day wear but also for night wear. I have also purchased lashes from the other collections on offer (Goddess Collection and Premium Luxe) an they look so good I simply cannot wait to wear them. I plan on wearing Pixie Luxe for my engagement party - a girl needs special for such a special occasion!! 

The lashes are very easy to apply. The House of Lashes glue is very easy to use; you simply paint on a little amount of glue to the strip and apply to your lash line. There is no smell from the glue, it dries really fast and is in no way irritating on the eyes or skin. To remove the lashes a gentle pull is all it takes. By storing the lashes in the storage box the lashes are kept clean and ready or their next use! 

Over all I think it is pretty clear to see I am extremely impressed by theses lashes by House of Lashes. If you are like me and adore eyelashes and all things bright and voluminous for your eyes have a look at tear lashes and treat yourself! They are simply fabulous!! 
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*** Just a little disclaimer: the opinions outlined in this post are my own opinions formed as result of my own experiences using the products mentioned. This post has not been sponsored in any way. 


  1. oh these look gorgeous, I wear contacts and always have issues with lashes but the fact these aren't synthetic really makes me want to get them-great review-they look fab on you-x

  2. I really can not recommend them enough. In addition to looking great they are so easy to wear, defo worth an internet shop ! thanks for comment xx