Monday, 22 July 2013

June Fav’s ………………………………better late than never?

June Fav’s   
………………………………better late than never?


I genuinely cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged so I am hoping this post is better than never! The last few weeks seen to have flown by so fast and been filled with both good and not so good experiences – from crippling back pain to sun filled evenings listen to my favourite band.  Anyway without further ado I shall share with you my June Fav’s.


I genuinely don't think any self respecting blogger has not heard of this product and I would be surprised to find a person whom did not like this product. For me personally it is a miracle facial cleanser that is just perfect for my skin type (normal to combination) 
this is cleansing water that is colourless and odourless. It is a non detergent, non foaming, Soap free and has a neutral ph. essentially it is a makeup remover and cleansing solution. It is so gentle and soothing - I have been using it nonstop even on skin the was in the sun a little too long! I simply love this product and genuinely recommend everyone to try it! 

There is only one negative aspect to this product - it can be hard to purchase! I have bought it through both eBay and I am constantly on the lookout or friends who may be travelling to France so they can get it for me. All in all it is worth the effort to get this product as it is a definite in my skin care routine. 

Sche Vite

Recently I was on the search for a good long lasting top coat for my nails. I also wanted a fast drying top coat that was also hard wearing. In short this Product ticks all the boxes it is the perfect top coat for me.

The formula of this product is such that it is designed to penetrate the polish and transforms the combined polish and top coat to become one layer. It dries so fast it is almost impossible to smudge. It last so long - I think the longest I have worn it without chipping was 5 days ( it was an experiment to see how long it would last).

Once again I highly recommend this product to any one who loves to polish and go ! 

MAC Vanilla Pigment 

I was recommended this little pot of wonderful by a really helpful MAC make up artist.
MAC pigment is always a pleasure to use and this is no exception. It is a shimmer shade that acts as a highlighter as well as colour pop when built upon through a concentrated rich powder.

The vanilla shade is delicate enough to highlight areas such as the tear area of the eye, brow bone or even the high cheek area!
A multi purpose product that is great for any summer make up look !
Nivea a Kiss of Shimmer Radiant Lip Care SPF 10

I have used this product for years! It is one of those lip products that I use for an age then put aside only to return to use and wonder why I ever stopped using it!

NIVEA Lip Care Pearl & Shine with moisture store effect pampers your lips and enhances natural beauty of your lips with a sweet pearly shimmer. It's so natural with a hint of pink shimmer!
Contains natural ingredients like caring jojoba oil and shea butter the result of which can only be good for your lips. This little gem is so moisturising it feels so nice on my lips! It is also a great day wear lippy if your lips need a little pampering !
Gentle, moisturising and looks pretty - not bad for a cheap little lip product!

NAR Bronzer in Laguna 

Another extremely popular beauty product! I have really been enjoying using this product especially since the sunshine has been making an appearance as it gives me a lovely bronzed glow!

This bronzer by NARS is really easy to use. It is really fine defused powder that has speckles of gold shimmer running through it. It provides a great wash of colour that gives an even coverage and almost smooths out the skin! It is a natural shade that adds a subtle shimmer and is perfect for contouring and bronzing. A cult product for a reason - it's a good bronzer! 

 I love this bronzer so much it is almost gone !!

Disappointing Product 

Heavy exclamation mark symbolWalla shampoo and conditioner 

I am always on the look out for a good shampoo and conditioner and in particular a duo that adds volume. I was hopeful when I came across these two products am was quick to purchase!

Unfortunately I won't be repurchasing. I found the shampoo to be average. It took a bit to lather up and I found it a little difficult to remove fully from my hair. The conditioner I felt added weight to my hair. Over all I experienced very little volume results. The smell was just typical shampoo smell that did my last . Over all this duo is simply average. My search for the next best volume cleansing duo continues! If you have any suggestions please leave a comment for me so I can try new shampoo and conditioner duo's 

Other favourites this month !!!! 

Medium white star School holidays  - as a teacher I love the work, no early mornings and no home work !!
Medium white star cross the body bag   - I absolutely love Micheal Kors cross the body bags I have his signature brown leather version at the mo and am using it non stop
Medium white star my engagement ring - need I say more
Medium white star Robin Thicke "blurred lines"  - the song of the summer 

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