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July favourites ! πŸ’

Seems like only yesterday I was wecoming June let alone July. Summer is simply flying by but I am enjoying using lots of products and in this post I am goin to share my loves for the month of July.
  • Dior highlighter

Summer makeup looks are never complete without a little highlighting. Sometimes all you need is a lash of mascara, a lip balm and a swipe of highlighter for a perfect summer look. This highlighter is just perfect for that look. It's bright yet delicate. It does not clump but can be built upon and it has staying power! I have aide comprehensive review HERE but in summery Dior are treating us to a lovely versatile long lasting product in this product!
  • Philip Kingsley hair masks

Volume! Glorious volume! If it is not my mascara that I am longing to give me volume it's my hair products. This product is a pre-treatment for your hair. Apply to damp hair before you wash your hair and leave for a minimum of 20 mins. Wash and condition then as normal! Results are soft hair that seems to have a little left form the root, my hair is smooth and feels like it has been treated to a salon treatment! You only need a very small amount meaning the product lasts ages (always good for a high end product as they seem always to be a little more expensive). I am really enjoying this product so much so I am just about finished my second tube and will defiantly repurchase again soon.
If you’re interested in this product check the shopping channel QVC as they sometimes have good deals on this range of products - a little tip for ya!!! 
  • Lipstick

Summer seems to have awoke my love of colourful lips and I have been using a few I mentioned in a previous post click here

In addition to these I have been using
- Divine Choice Mineralize Rich by MAC - a fabulous pink shade that is so mositurising on the lips and easy to wear

- Tuti Fruiti from the LipButter Range by Revlon - this balm lipstick in vibrant coral is perfect for summer wear

- Waikiki from the Aqualluminere range by Chanel - the perfect day wear lipstick, a natural pink shade with a hint of shummer
All of these lipsticks are colourful, bright and really kind on the lips - perfect for summer kisses !
  • Intuition razor

Summer time means we ladies have to have our legs in top condition constantly. Being dark haired means I have to shave my legs (am not a fan of waxing - bad experience) every second day! For this reason my intuition razor has been a blessing.
For use in the shower or bath this razor is easy to use and hassle free! Blades are surrounded by a block bed of moisturising balm that ensures a smooth close shave. No need for foam or soap. Gentle on the skin leaving no irritation and I have never cut myself! A hassle free, fuzz free scrap free leg shave - simples! Worth a try.
  • La Roche Posa factor 50
Sunshine! I love it. Despite the face I have dark eyes and hair my skin burns. When I say burns I mean turns tomato red, gets itchy, burns, skin peels and I look awful - no joke. For this reason I need a good facial SPF. Some lotions can be too rich or oily or irritating but thankfully I seem to have found a good SPF in La Roche-Posay Anthelios Xl 50+ . This is a very high protection UVB and UVA fluid. It is for sensitive skin and in short it really works. My skin was protected; it did not burn or become irritated. It is very water resistant, non-perfumed and paraben free. During the current heat wave it has been near at hand constantly. I have been using it in conjunction with factor 3O for my body. Both products protect the skin but allow a healthy safe glow. What more could you hope for from a sun screen!
Disappointing products
Rituals Perfume

I adore ritual's products they are my favourite bath and shower time treats so I was excited to try their perfume range.
I bought a sampler pack contains three different scents but the one I really did not like was White Patchouli and Cedar Wood

I just did not like this scent. It was far too masculine for my liking. It actually remained me of a Dior aftershave! I used it 3 times I think and then gave it away. I would always recommend you try before you buy!
Other things I am loving
  • The sunshine! who does not love the sunshine
  •  Despicable Me 2 - the best film I have seen in an age I literally cried laughing. I love the minions just love them. Watch the trailer HERE
  •  Mistress (USA) - An American version of the BBC show this is actually really good. Good story line and likeable characters what more can ya ask for . Watch the trailer HERE
  •  Nail Art Dotting Tool - Having so much fun. Acheap and cheerful tool for my nails

  •  Bellx 1 song "be careful what you wish for" - A new song from the new ablum "chop chop". One of my favourite bands offer up a lovely tune. Click here to have a LISTEN AND A LOOK OR JUST A LISTEN. I went to see this band a few weeks ago, every time I see them live I am reminded just how much I love them! Proud that they are Irish and look forward to seeing them again.

  • Flip flops- Sumer would not be summer with out colourful toes and flipflops. I am loving Havan's and Croc this year.

Hope you enjoyed this post and find one or two items would like to try. Am looking forward to finding more products I love during August.


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