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Advice to my teenage self

Oh how I wish I could transport myself back in time and make myself aware of these little tips when I was a teenager. I was so excited when I came across this tag. I hope you enjoy it.

¬ 3 beauty/fashion DOs for your teenage self.

O.k. first up I would tell myself wear what suits you, your shape and your colouring etc. Be it makeup or be it clothes or accessories always choose according to what suits you rather than following trends and what is in fashion. To me style is unique to the person, less is often more and individuality is far more attractive than assembly line duplicates. No matter your shape, size, skin tone, hair type every person has something attractive to offer that is unique to you. If I am being honest I probably need to keep telling my adult self this message also!

Next up would I would tell myself to shape and tint my brows sooner. I stated getting my eye brows waxed and shaped in my teens but it is only in recent years I have only started to tint and fill them in. This routine has become one of my must do’s for my makeup routine. I think the brows shape the face and when taken care of can be a very important focal point of the face.

Finally I would tell myself to take care of your hair! I was teenager who home dyed my hair, was a different colour very often, did not always condition and simply did not look after my hair. It was only when a mission to become blonde ended in a complete disaster, my mother had to come to my rescue, I had to spend a small fortune and shoulder length hair became a bob that I realised how important it was to take care of your hair. Broken weak and limp hair is a no go! Since that fateful weekend I have taken care of my hair.

¬  3 beauty/fashion DON'Ts for your teenage self

Oh there are so many of these little “don’ts” I would tell myself. Number one has to be never, ever use a stick foundation such as Max Factors Pan Stick. Oh my goodness did I paste that stuff on me! I actually shiver at the thoughts. I dread to think of the colour difference that no doubt visible between my face and my neck! Eh ..........I had not been introduced to the whole concept of blending.
Next would have to be don’t put too much fake tan on. I am sure I used far too much tan, looked far too “sun kissed” and had orange paws and no doubt a few streaks thrown in for good measure. I do love tan, but now a days I am sure that a glow is far nicer then a change of ethnicity!
My final don’t would have to be forgot to cleanse tone and moisturise your skin or even just cleanse and tone! Your skin is the one fashion and beauty item that you will always have and will always be stuck with so look after it now. As a teenager you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive products you simply have time and youth on your side. Always take your makeup off at night and try and wear a moisturiser or day cream with a built in SPF. Even here in Ireland were we tend to be devoid of sunshine, cold weather can be just as harsh on your skin  and an SPF protects the skin.  Prevention is better than cure..............oh and one last skin tip SMILE! A frown is no help to skin!

¬ A deep & meaningful piece of advice for your teenage self

My deep and meaningful piece of advice is very simple but how I wish someone had told me! Be good to yourself! What I mean by this is simply to put you first once in a while. Be kind to yourself and don’t let others make you feel inadequate or of less worth then you really are. Friends play such an important role in every person’s life and even more in the life of a teenager. Acceptance is a very important aspect of life and as teenagers we have all been guilty of losing a little of ourselves for the sake of pleasing others. Try and remember you are a unique, beautiful person who has something unique to offer. Once in awhile make sure you do what you want to do, look around you and see the people whom you mean the world to and appreciate them. Enjoy yourself and stop worrying about what other people think of you. Do things that you want to do not only what others want in the pursuit of making others happy. Smile, sing, dance, have adventures you want to have and be young. I am not old but I can say you will have plenty of time to have adult worries, losses, and drama’s to deal with so for now be young and be good to yourself. It was not until recently that I learnt a heartbreaking lesson about friendship. People may be in your life that you truly believe will stick by you and you would call your chosen family but unfortunately they don’t see you in the same light. People can let you down, people can hurt you be it intentional or not, people can disappoint you but you will always have yourself to rely on so be good to you and allow yourself to be you! That may not make sense to a lot of people but maybe as Mother once told me experience is the best life lesson!

¬ One tip for school
People say the school days are the best days of your life. For me my college days were better so I automatically encourage people to work towards college and university.  It opens a whole world of opportunity; you meet so many new people and experience new things. So my advice to my teenage self would be to try your best academically as your best is all you can do. Your best or your ability will not be the same of the person sitting beside you but it is your best and once you do your best you are doing all in your ability to achieve your potential. If you love maths then do maths and don’t be ashamed to admit you like subjects. If you are not academically minded then find an area you are interested in it and pursue it. Never just throw in the towel and say you can’t. Again as my Mother always told me “there is no such word as can’t”

¬ one tip for friend’s

Well I think my one piece of deep and meaningful advice covers this one. I will add one thing though and that is surround yourself with people who are both good to you and with people who are good for you. The difference between these two types of people is very important. Many people will be good to you for example they are kind, they lend you their favourite dress, they collect you in  the pouring rain just to save your newly done hair. These people are essential and very important to have in your life. However you also need people are good for you. A lesson that my older sister taught me a few years ago and I have been so grateful for since. These are the people who will encourage you, help you achieve what you want to achieve, they will push to achieve all you can, they will not listen to your excuses, they will be there through thick and thin and they will tell an honest opinion rather than what you want to hear. Simply put they will call you out on your crap! They will laugh with you but they will also cry with you, they will hold you up when you simply cannot take another step, they will hold your hand and walk beside when you need them to or they will give you a shove ahead if you need it. We all need these people in our lives and you never know these people may be closer then you think, I am lucky to have a sister who is all of the above. So as a teenager I would advise myself to not always go for the cool, sparkly, popular friend go for the all rounder, from my experience they stand the test of time.

¬ one tip for fun

Again this is simple. Stop worrying!  Fear of the unknown can hold us back so much. Take a leap, don’t be afraid and enjoy yourself. I spend far too much time worrying and if I am being honest I probably spend too much time as an adult worrying. It is a waste of time. I once read a quote, I don’t know where it was from or who said it but it always stayed with me.
“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you absolutely nowhere”
Enjoy life and be young!

Hindsight is a great thing and we can all look back and say how we would have done things differently. That is life. I really enjoyed writing this post and doing it has just confirmed to me that we should live for today, life has no guarantees and why wake up in 20 years with a “should have, could have, would have” attitude.
My teen years are behind me but here is to the future and all the adventures, celebrations, mistakes, memories and life lessons that lie ahead!
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Have you one piece of advice you would offer your teenage self?


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