Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Favourite Perfumes......................At the Minute!

I am not a gal who adores a million different perfumes but when I do like one I generally love it. My taste in perfume falls into two categories. I title these categories flowerily fresh and rich night time. In this post I will share with you my favourite perfumes at the minute. Before I begin I just want to state that I am not the best, am probably not even that good, at describing smells or scents. Anyway here is my attempt. (“,)

v English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone

Falling into my flowerily category I love this perfume. Gifted to me originally by my sister I have repurchased it again and again. It is a really fresh smell that is rich yet delicate. For me it smells of a mixture of flowers and a little bit of spice. The smell lingers all day and is no way heavy. A little expensive but worth every penny! It is defiantly one of those perfumes that blend with the person who is wearing it natural scent so maybe sample before you buy as I find it smells differently on every one who wears it.


Have you ever been out and about and smelt a perfume and simply had to find out that that smell was? Well this happened to me and this is how I was introduced to Elle by YSL. I love it! This perfume actually falls in to both my categories and can be worn day and night. It smells of flowers, spice, a little citrus and maybe a little woody also. It is a really classic smelling perfume and what I call a “rich/expensive” smelling perfume.

v Guilty by Gucci

My traditional night time perfume this is a fabulous glam scent. It has a musk hint to it and really can be worn day or night. For me this perfume has a sensual and sophisticated oriental scent that once you spray is nice and rich but it settles down to be a delicate aroma that stays with all day. I love it and always feel “dollied” up when I wear it.

v Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Back to my flowerily perfumes. This is one of my staple perfumes that no matter what mood I am, where I am going, what I am wearing or what season we are in I can go to this perfume put it on and feel great. It is such a fresh summery smell. It is fresh, light and really dewy. The flowers that are included are gardenia, violet, jasmine and they mix really well. I love the bottle but the only problem I find is that the bottle is difficult to carry around in your handbag. This is one of my favourite perfumes and will continue to be.

v Lady Million Perfume by Paco Rabanne

A rich, luxury perfume that I believe you either love it or hate it. My boyfriend has the male version and it is just as nice. It is a strong scent but it settles nicely and is long wearing. Hints of fruit, a tiny bit musky and warmth that really does leave you smelling great. The packaging is also very cute; it is simply a big gold diamond.

v Addict 2 by Dior

If I had to choose one perfume that could be described as summer in a bottle it would be this perfume. I simply love it. I was wearing this perfume the night I met my boyfriend and he always remembers it which I think just adds to its magic! It is a fresh, flowerily, fruity, and light scent that just really delicate yet always draws attention. I wear it all the time. The only little downside with this perfume is that it does not last very long on the skin therefore must be reapplied often which means you go through it really fast. Despite this I have repurchased it many times and will continue to do so. I call it my happy perfume.

v Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

This is the newest perfume to my collection. Again a gift from my sister (she loves perfume so is always the best to get the “smelly gifts” from. If I am being honest my mind has not been fully made up about this perfume. First off it is very strong so the phrase “a little goes a long way” defiantly comes to mind as it is very strong when you first spray. It is a feminine smell that is rich. Again a musky hew to it, there is flower presence. This is one perfume that really commands attention and I am always asked what I am wearing when I am wearing it. I do like it; I am just not sure how much I like it just yet.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a favourite perfume? Do share your favourites by leaving a comment below I love to try new scents.



  1. ohh, great picks ;} I like those Dior ones, used to have a small sample of them, love it. Also, never tried Tom Ford ones, but so many people are saying that the smell is really really good;}x

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog (",)
    Dior is one of my all time fav's so delicate and girly.
    I do like the black orchid by Tom Ford but I really dont like white orchid.
    oh so many to choose from, thanks for the comment.


  3. i love marc jacobs perfumes they're gorgeous! xx

  4. He does do fab perfumes, I am liking Dotty at the mo too, my sister the perfume addict has it and its very nice xx