Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Favourites

Like last few months March seems to have flown by. I loved the change of season this month even if the weather seems to be forgetting how to complete the whole change element this month. Spring/Summer 2013 trends are full of corals, nudes and light delicate shades combined with natural beauty. I just love browsing all new products and trying one or two. So this month my favourites have been some oldies and some newbie’s which I am now going to share with you.

1.     Rituals Shower Foam in Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom

£ 7.00 or €10 200ml

This shower foam is from the sensations collection. I was first introduced to the whole Rituals brand of products after receiving a trial size body lotion in a recent Glossy Box and now I am addicted. I have gone on to purchase a number of different products (all which I will review and share my experiences as I use them). This shower foam is really great value for money as it the foam pump allocates just enough of the luxurious foam and contact with water turns it in soft relaxing foam. The rice milk is said to leave the skin really soft while the cherry blossom acts as a cleanser.  My skin is definitely enjoying the experience and I will be repurchasing this product.

Want info on Rituals ? Click HERE

2. .    Barry M Gel Like High Shine Polish In Lychee

£3.99 or €4.99

I have always been a massive fan of nude nail polish so you can imagine my excitement when the turn of the seasons brought with it an influx of nude polishes. I have a few favourites but the forerunner in my favourite’s league is definitely Lychee by Barry M. The Hi Shine Gel range is very impressive. It aims to give a gel like finish and is long wearing and both of these are true. It dries really fast and has a really great shine. This shade is perfect for my skin tone. It is a nude shade that is light and fresh and compliments tanned skin or tan free skin (I have tried both). This polish is also a perfect base for nail art or a simple nail jewel or two. I have a few different shades from this collection and I like them all.  My must have nail polish for the coming months.

Want more info on Barry M? Click HERE

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait 

£7.99 or €11.50

I am certainly not the first to love Revlon’s Lip Butter and am sure the fan base for this product will continue to grow.  I have tried a few of shades but at the moment I love Peach Parfait. Lip butter’s are exactly as described they are soft buttery colour burst for the lips. They condition and colour and leave a hint of shine and glamour all at the same time. This shade, peach parfait, is a natural almost nude colour with peach tones and gold flecks. This shade adds a glow to your lips and for me is the perfect summer shade. The only problem I have like so many others is that it does not last a very long time and needs reapplying.

Want more info on Lip Butter's? Click HERE

4.    They’re Real Mascara by Benefit

£18.50 or €23

I absolutely love mascara and I absolutely love this mascara. It is dark, long lasting and gives what only can be described as amazing eyelashes. The wand is plastic which I know some people do not like but I have to say it works wonders. It has a tiny application spikes on the top which allows you to apply the mascara to even the shortest of eyelashes. It is a little expensive as mascara’s go but in my opinion it is defiantly worth the spends. I have tried a lot of mascara’s and I am sure I will continue to try new products but I feel at the moment this product will be hard beaten.

Want more info on Benefit? Click HERE

5.    Cloud Nine The Wide Iron

     £109.95 or €120 (with discount for bringing in an old electrical appliance)

Recently I have had to purchase a new hair iron. I originally had a GHD which had lasted me well over 5 years and I was really happy with it. Due to use, age and wear and tear my iron needed replacing. As I was really happy with my GHD I simply just repurchased. However my experience was less then satisfying. I found the new hair iron simply did not straighten my hair. I would straighten it and within a couple of hours my hair was mess. Long story short I returned my item. On research I decided on a Cloud Nine Wide Irons. End result I absolutely love it. This iron works perfectly. It straightens my hair, ads shine, can be used to add a kink or wave to my hair. The wide iron plates mean you only have to run the iron once or twice through the hair to achieve the desired look (I have long bouncy hair). It has a number of different tempeture settings, comes with a heat mat and has a protective cap. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend highly. I am now saving to treat myself to another Cloud Nice Product – The Wand.

March Products That Disappointed Me !!!

TIGI S-Factor True Lasting Colour Shampoo and Conditioner

£20 or €25 for Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml set

I was recommended to use these products and had to try them out. Unfortunately I was disappointed! The products are rich and this may have been part of the problem for me as the products were a little too rich. The result was my hair was left a little weighed down. This meant that my hair had to be washed more often. I also found that the shape of the bottles meant that it was so difficult to squeeze the product out and either too much came out too fast or it took an age to get it out. Over all I did not like these products.

There you have it my fav's for March. 
What have been your favourites this month? Leave a comment and share some of your fav products......


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