Monday, 10 June 2013

May Favourites

May Favourites

I am rather late this month with my favourites but believe me there is a really good reason! 
I have been one girl on cloud nine! I am engaged!!!!! A big surprise, a bigger smile and heart ready to burst. 

Anyway apologies for my lateness and I hope you find one or two products you like and would love to try out here. 

Jouer Luminizing Moisturising Tint

I was dying to try this product after hearing and reading so many good reviews of it so during a recent shopping frenzy on (a great little find of a web-site may I add) I simply had to treat myself. I am a fan of all things illuminating therefore I was so excited to try this out. I chose the shade “bronzed” seeing as its approaching summer and I always live in hope of a tan be it a good bottle job or by my miracle of a hot summer (generally not a regular here in Ireland).
This product is a light weight, water resistant tined moisturiser. It is oil free, fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. It also contains an SPF 20. All of these characteristics are excellent from any cosmetic product in my opinion.
My first impressions of this product were good. It is extremely light weight and I genuinely felt as if I had nothing on my skin at all. It does provide a light coverage but the glow that it provides compensates for this. It adds a lovely bronzed look that is really great for the summer and would be excellent worn over tanned skin. I found I need a darker concealer to match correctly as the bronzed shade is a little darker than my normal choice of foundation but I simply added a little bit of this product to my concealer and it was perfect.
Over all I am happy with this product. On days that I need a fuller coverage I mix this product with my regular foundation and it works wonders. On brave skin days it is really nice on its own. I would really love to try the  matt moisture tint – it is now on my “to try” list.

Fake up by Benefit Cosmetics

My favourite cosmetic buy for ages I am in with love this product. I chose shade medium as it matched my skin really well. This concealer claims to be hydrating, crease free, packed with vitamins and hides dark circles. All of the above is true!
Fake Up offers a dual product. The inner ring of the product is the concealer. It is rich and pigmented and does its job so well. I really like the texture of this product and the coverage is really great. The outer ring is that of a moisturiser which includes extracts of apple seeds and vitamin E. This results in hydrated skin which looks healthy and slightly glowing. There is no caking and this product does have staying power. I highly recommend this product. It comes in three shades meaning that there is one to suit most skin tones.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

Another buy as a result of my recent shopping spree on and defiantly one I will be repurchasing. I chose the shade Brunette – Suggested for medium brown to black hair. This is the perfect shade for me.
This product is unlike many brow products I have bought in the past and I have to admit it is defiantly one of the best products. It is a dual product again, on one end you get a brow brush (spooley brush) – ideal for tidying up the brows and keeping them looking perfect. On the other end you get a ultra thin brow pencil. This pencil is not like the typical chalky pencil nor is it waxy. It has a really fine consistency that is perfect for filling in your brows and adds the perfect amount of shading and colour without leaving your brows with the horrible “drawn on look”.
I really like this product for all the above mentioned reasons but I also love it as it lasts all day on yours yet is really is removed really easily.
The only negative aspect of this product is that is rather difficult to find. I have only been able to purchase it online.  I am partial to internet shopping so this is not a problem for me. I highly recommend this product as it offers a one stop product for anyone who loves maintained polished eyebrows.

Fresh Essential Moisture By Vasaline

Hydrated and soft! These are the results achieved using this product! I was so surprised by how much I like it ! The aloe Vera is so so soothing, the consistency is rich but not oily and the smell is fresh and light! Priced at 1.99 this body lotion is a treat !
The Aloe Vera component is just go great for the skin. It smells so fresh and clean

There is not much more I can say only go try it !

 Trilogy shower Gel  -Botanical body wash

I treated myself to this shower gel on one of those days when all you want is comfort!

Trilogy Botanical Body Wash is a gentle, daily body

The first thing you nautilus when you open the bottle is fabulous aroma.
It is a mixture of Roses citrus and gentle cleansing oils. The liquid is colourless and the consistency is gel like and really light on the skin. This body wash does not dry your skin in any way it cleanses beautifully and leaves the skin feeling soft smooth and smelling amazing. The oils contained in this was are so gentle that they do not leave your skin feeling oily in any way.

Like many good quality products the consistency of this shower gel is rich therefore you only need a small amount. While the price does reflects the quality of the product however it is definitely value for money as a little goes a long way

This product has won many beauty awards and rightly so I am enjoying using this product and I intend to purchase the product again. 

Disappointing Products

BB Cream by Rimmel

I have come find that in general BB Creams are just not for me but this BB cream was by far one of the most disappointing. I decided on the shade medium.  There are two shades to choose from light and medium and on testing both I found the light shade was too light where as on my wrist the medium seemed to be right for me. How wrong was I!

On application this cream was thick and really pigmented. I found the colour to be very  much so on orange side. It seemed to be completely different once it was applied to my face. It took so much buffing when applying. Unhappy with the shade I left it for a little while to see if it “settled”! Instead of settling I found that it wore off really unevenly.

Over all I really did not like this product. Am sure lots of other users love it but it simply is not for me.

 Hope you found this post helpful and some what interesting! 
what have you been loving this month? Please leave a comment below and share your great little finds with me ! 


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  1. I really like the Aloe Vera. Vaseline products tend to have very nice refreshing smells. I had another Vaseline moisturiser that was in a golden bottle, that was lovely too.
    Marian ^_^