Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clinique Anti Blemish Control

Clinique Anti Blemish Control Concealer 

In a recent post I mentioned I was disappointed with an anti blemish product by Vichy. 
My skin, thankfully, does not present with a lot of problems but I do tend to have to deal with a few blemished (often of the angry variety) at least once a  month - thank you hormones!!
In my combat to halt these little monsters in their tracks my trusty sister offered me this product by Clinique. 

I am really happy with the results of this product and finally feel I have found a product that hides my blemishes while actively working to get rid of them too! 
The consistency of this product is rather thick which means it is a little difficult to apply but despite this it really does offer excellent coverage. 

The shade I use is light and it is perfect for my skin tone. the shade blends really well with my regular foundation and it is difficult to notice I am wearing a separate product on my skin. 

A great advantage of this product also is the fact that the formula  in the product is actively working to control and correct the blemish. For me it seems to "dry out" the blemish. What ever the science bit I am just so happy it works so well. Another advantage is the fact that the product has no smell what so ever. 

I do recommend this product for any one experiencing similar problems and has normal to combination skin. However if you have dry skin maybe this product is not for you if you intend to use it to cover larger area's. 

Overall, I am thankful to have found it !! 

Wanna grab a little more info then have a lookies HERE

Have you any solutions to the problems of the horrid blemish? Please share your thoughts and finds by leaving a comment below. I love to hear from my one or two readers (",) 


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