Sunday, 16 June 2013

Summer Lips

Summer Lips
----------------perfect pouts for summer kisses!

Like any self respecting cosmetic lover the pursuit of the perfect lipstick is never ending. It is not only the shade that is important, it is also the texture, the finish and the staying power that must be taken into consideration. I have chosen five lipsticks for the summer season that I have been using again and again. Each one is a great little find in its own right. Let us have a lookies!

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 160 Infinitely Fuchsia by Maybelline

This lipstick is just a great shade for the summer. The Fuchsia Pink shade is really vibrant and bright but not “gody” or over the top in any way.
Theses lipsticks are really have a really light weight feeling on the lips, they actually feel really nice to wear.
The finish is matt and slightly opaque, I found them to have very little or no shimmer but I have to admit I like this finish as allows for a bright lipstick to be worn during the day without being too glossy.
The staying power is relatively good but by no means 14 hours of wear. I found that the colour did last but it did need to be reapplied quiet regularly. I do really like this lipstick not only for the reasons mentioned above but also for the fact that it is a real feel good shade and smell amazing like cherries.

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 430 Stay With Me Coral by Maybelline

Another great shade of lipstick for the summer! Coral lipsticks can be difficult to wear at times (well for me anyway) so I delighted to find this lipstick. In fact it was the first lipstick in this range that I bought and it really impressed me.
The texture and the fragrance is similar to the lipstick above and the finish is really matt which I love for this shade as a glossy shiny coral always tends to be a little on the orange side for me. It is really pigmented so the colour pop is excellent. It can be built upon by applying a little extra if you desire a richer more vibrant lip look.
The staying power again is similar to above but again due to the love for the shade of this lipstick reapplying does not bother me!
This shade is very versatile meaning it can wear day or night.

¬  Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick in Shade 180 Ultimate Blush by Maybelline

The last of my favourite lipsticks from this range this lipstick is perfect for day wear. The shade falls in to the pinks category it is a frosted pink with a fabulous hint of shimmer. Once again it has a lovely fresh fragrance. The texture is a very delicate and light resulting in a shimmer finish. It is really nice lipstick that is a staple in my hand bag at the minute.

¬  L’Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in shade 102

Th is lip product is a lip gloss that acts like a lip stain.  It is really natural looking and offers a hit of colour. The shade I chose is a natural pink. It gives your lips a nice sheen but is not too glossy or sticky. It feels light on the lips, has no fragrance or taste and has goods staying power.  I like to wear this on its own for a natural look or over a lipstick to add a little shine and gloss.

¬  MAC Lustre Lip Stick in Altered Beige

This lipstick is of the Lustre variety meaning that is gives a fabulous sheen to the lips. The shade is very delicate and light. It is creamy yellow beige that, in my opinion, would suit almost all skin tones. I intend to wear this lipstick as day wear primarily but also as night wear for a makeup look that focuses on eyes and lashes.  This is the perfect lipstick to have as staple in your handbag.


I am sure I will no doubt find a few more lipstick over the rest of the summer but until such a time I am enjoying using these “great little finds”.
What is your favourite shade of lip stick for the summer?


  1. lovely summery shades:)X

    1. Thanks, am always on the look out for a newbie lippy !Just had a look at your blog, really enjoyed reading it - am your newest follower ! great products