Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Hello World 🌈

So here we are Christmas Day 2012 πŸŽ„
After much postponing, hesitation and self doubt I have finally taken to the blogger ledge and am taking the plunge ! After a rather testing and to be honest difficult year I am making a Christmas promise to myself - to do more things that make me smile 😻. One sure fire way of slapping a tight curler of a smile of this polished face is what I call a "great little find".
My great little finds are simple little things from a Primark haul of bits n treats to the MAC fabulous gleaming lipstick to a simple cup of flavoured tea! All these little finds are a treasurer waiting to be unwrapped. This combined with a strong love if all things cosmetic n make up related has given me the passion to go seek out some great little finds, try them and share my experiences with any one who is generous enough to share a few moments of their time with me. So this Christmas Day my wish is go forth, seek out, try out and share out! I'll no doubt throw in a few hits n misses at the whole life n trying to live it !
.............................. Here I go ❤

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