Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Philip KIngsley Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner 


Always on the hunt for a volume adding body building shampoo and conditioner combo I was excited to try these. I have long been a fan of Philip Kingsley Elastizer - it is by far one of my most favorite hair products - I had high hopes for this duo. Priced above average for shampoo and conditioner I would label these products as luxury products but if they work and keep your hair in good condition it can be worth it. 

Both products are designed for fine to fly away hair. This is not my hair type but I hoped to gain body and I am happy to report I did! The shampoo is colorless and pretty much odourless which automatically gives the impression that it is light and cleansing and once again this is true. The clear liquid lathers up to form a nice foam and my hair felt really clean both during washing and after. I loved how light my hair felt yet it did have body and was super soft. As shampoo's go I am now a fan! Like many good shampoo products it is potent ( even if it feels so light) so a little goes a long way. 

The conditioner is also light weight and creamy in texture. Using a little I applied it   Just down from my scalp and focused most of it on the ends of my hair which I have ombré meaning it can be a little more brittle and harder then the rest of my hair. I found the condition of my hair to defiantly improve after use. Once agin super soft, full of body and dare I say a little stronger! 

Over all I really enjoy  using these products. I will repurchase given the opportunity ( I have to buy online as I can't them stocked in a salon or shop) enjoy

I am trying a few new hair cleansing duos  as I found a great trail size supplier so over the coming posts I hope to share my experience with you! Please send me recommendations to try by leaving a comment. 

Happy Wednesday an I hope you doubt this post helpful ! 


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