Monday, 9 September 2013

Nail Art Pens by Barry M

Nail Art Pens by Barry M 

Returning to Monday being Nail Day this week I am going to review Nail Art Pens - one type in particular.

Nail Art is so on trend at the minute, in addition to this nail art is really pretty. It is a great way to pick up any manicure and make it really special. If you are like me and not the most artistic of nail art lovers these little offerings from Barry M are truly a “Great Little Find”.

These nail art pens come in four different colors – black, white, pink and sliver – key colors for any little design your heart may desire.
Each nail art pen has an extra fine tip which makes it really easy to draw detail or small shapes and is really useful if you have a small nail bed like me. Each pen also has an easy grip bottle means you can design with ease and you can control the amount of colour that comes out. Simply shake the bottle well before use and pump the tip until the colour starts to flow.

The polish inside the pen’s dry really fast also. One really handy tip that I have found is that if you are using the pens on a nail that is polished already apply a fast drying top coat before you apply the nail art pen. This will ensure that there are no smudges or colours running into each other.

I have used a few nail art pens and I can honestly say this is by far the best I have used for staying power, precision and vibrancy of colour. Priced at approximately €6.25 they are good a good buy.

If you use nail art pens what type do you use and how do you find them? If you try any designs please share a pic with me. I love to try new designs.


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